Not As Far As Mars…But Pretty Close! — Why You Should Try Organic CBD Nugs’ CBD Moon Rocks

Attention earthlings: the moon rocks have landed. No, we’re not referring to typical THC-laden buds; we’re talking about Organic CBD Nugs’ new kief-covered hemp flowers! With ≤ 0.3 percent THC, our CBD moon rocks are sure to get you calm without triggering psychoactive side effects.

If you’re an experienced CBD smoker, you’ve got to give these concentrates a try. With well over 60 percent CBD content, our hemp moon rocks are sure to settle your nerves faster than a SpaceX launch on Cape Canaveral. Whenever you need to “blast away” from a stressful day, our CBD moon rocks can help.

What Are CBD Moon Rocks?

When you first hear about a new trend in the weed world, chances are it started in California. Such is the case with cannabis moon rocks.

Although this potent product’s origins are murky, most believe the rapper Kurupt created the first commercially successful batch in the 2010s. Once these products started “orbiting around” Cali cannabis circles, they quickly “crash-landed” in other American cities.

So, what the heck is a cannabis moon rock? Traditionally, the term “moon rock” refers to a GSC nug that has been dipped in high-THC concentrate and topped with a layer of kief. With all of those layers of concentrated trichomes, most moon rocks have THC levels in the 70 percent range.

While GSC remains the gold standard for marijuana moon rocks, there’s a lot of variation in today’s cannabis market. Indeed, one of the most exciting moon rock renditions uses federally legal hemp flowers. Instead of producing stratospheric THC levels, hemp moon rocks have above-average CBD content.

Will CBD Moon Rocks Get Me “High?”

Please don’t confuse our CBD moon rocks with the traditional THC-heavy product of the same name. Like every other item on Organic CBD Nugs’ website, our CBD moon rocks are lab-verified to contain ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC. This means you will not feel “high” while smoking these bad boys.

Don’t get us wrong; our CBD moon rocks have off-the-chart cannabinoid counts. However, all of the cannabinoids in these coated hemp nugs are non-psychoactive. While smoking CBD moon rocks is intense, it won’t cause you to feel disoriented. Even patients who are super sensitive to THC should feel comfortable giving our CBD moon rocks a go.

How Do You Use A CBD Moon Rock?

People who use CBD moon rocks often place a tiny chunk in either a glass bong or a pipe. Since these rocks are pretty sticky, they can be a pain to clean up after your smoke session. Using a glass device is typically the most convenient option for hemp smokers.

Also, since CBD moon rocks hit harder than hemp pre-rolls, most people appreciate the cooling effect bubblers provide. No matter how you rip your moon rock, it’s gonna be rough. However, that extra bit of water helps reduce the overall impact.

If you’d like to turbo-charge your hemp smoking experience, you could also add a few pieces of CBD moon rocks to a hemp joint. Just be sure never to place your moon rocks in a cannabis grinder. These loaded nugs will gunk up even the highest-rated electronic grinder. For the best results, we recommend breaking our CBD moon rocks with your hands.

Why Should I Smoke CBD Moon Rocks?

We’ll admit: CBD moon rocks aren’t the best product for people who want a mild, easy-to-measure dose of CBD. Since these rocks are so potent, they are best suited for patients who want a fast blast of hemp. Anyone who needs to feel CBD’s soothing effects in a matter of seconds will enjoy the extreme effects associated with CBD moon rocks.

If you’re an experienced smoker who wants to take their hemp to the next level, CBD moon rocks may be right for you. Connoisseurs who love experiencing a wide range of terpenes also rave about smoking our high-quality CBD moon rocks.

Lastly, CBD moon rocks are a hit at parties. If you’re looking for an unconventional “ice breaker,” CBD moon rocks should get the conversation started!

Are CBD Moon Rocks OK For Beginners?

Although CBD moon rocks won’t get you high, they aren’t the best choice for people who’ve never had hemp before. If you’ve never tried CBD hemp, we wouldn’t recommend starting with CBD moon rocks. Even people who are used to smoking hemp have coughing fits after tasting these products.

For the best results, you should gradually introduce CBD to your system with an easy-to-dose product like CBD tinctures.

After you figure out your CBD tolerance level, we’d recommend moving up to one of our many hemp strains, pre-rolls, or CBD vape cartridges. Just remember that smoking or vaping hemp is more potent than taking edibles or oils. Once you’re comfortable smoking our premier hemp nugs, you should feel confident upgrading to our intense moon rocks.

Could I Make CBD Moon Rocks At Home?

Although Organic CBD Nugs offers pre-made CBD moon rocks, you can make these concentrated nugs at home. All you need are some of Organic CBD Nugs’ premier hemp flowers, our high-quality CBD kief, and a sticky hemp concentrate. If you don’t have a concentrate on hand, you could make DIY rosin by placing one of our hemp flowers in parchment paper and squeezing it with a hair straightener.

Once you’ve got your hemp nugs in your hands, drizzle them with a layer of your chosen concentrate. Lastly, drench your nugs with our CBD kief until they’re well coated. Let these rocks rest for a few hours before giving them a taste test.

Making CBD moon rocks at home is a great way to mix and match unique terpene profiles. You could also alter your moon rock’s effects by choosing a sativa or indica-heavy hemp strain. Generally, sativas will provide a gentle energy boost, while indicas will help you wind down.

Plus, who says you need to make hemp moon rocks with CBD-heavy strains? Indeed, Organic CBD Nugs now offers hemp nugs with heavy traces of the rare cannabinoid CBG. Although we don’t know a ton about CBG’s effects, it’s another non-psychoactive hemp cannabinoid that seems to help people relax.

Be sure to read our “Beginner’s Guide To CBG Flower” if you’re curious about what CBG may offer you.

Are Delta 8 THC Moon Rocks Legal?

While we’re talking about alternative cannabinoids, it’s important to say a few words about delta 8 THC. If you’ve browsed through Organic CBD Nugs’ catalog, then you know we offer many hemp flowers and vape cartridges that contain this fascinating cannabinoid. Although it’s legal to make hemp moon rocks with these flowers, they will be far more potent than our CBD moon rocks.

Like its “cousin” delta 9 THC, delta 8 THC is an intoxicating cannabinoid. Even though the “high” may not be as strong as delta 9, that doesn’t mean delta 8 is non-psychoactive. People who make moon rocks with delta 8 THC products must reserve them for at-home use.

Could CBD Moon Rocks Make My Productivity Plummet?

Generally speaking, CBD has a positive effect on creativity. Indeed, many employees nowadays sneak CBD into their lunch break to take advantage of its mind-enhancing benefits. However, since CBD moon rocks aren’t discreet, they probably aren’t the best option for in-office use.

It’s also worth noting that CBD moon rocks could interfere with a standard drug test. Even though we screen all of our products for THC, there’s a chance this cannabinoid could be in your system when you have to give a urine sample. For this reason, you should hold off on taking CBD moon rocks a few days before a scheduled drug screening.

Also, some people who take CBD moon rocks report slight sedation. Whether or not you feel this effect depends on what strain you’re using, how much you smoke, and your CBD tolerance level. Just be sure to keep this potential effect in mind if you need to be productive.

For “Outta This World” Hemp Strains, Stick With Organic CBD Nugs

Whether you want to “blast off” with our CBD moon rocks or kick back with a tasty piece of CBD dark chocolate, Organic CBD Nugs is here to satisfy. All of our high-quality hemp goodies meet rigorous standards for both purity and potency. If you don’t believe us, be sure to review the third-party COAs by each of our products. No matter which item you choose, you are guaranteed to feel the full power of hemp’s natural cannabinoids and terpenes.