What Are The Hemp Flower Laws In Oregon?

Oregon has been a ‘green’ state for many years. In fact, Oregon was one of the first states in the U.S. to legalize recreational and medical cannabis. Also, it’s ‘green’ in the context of producing a wide variety of agricultural crops.

In fact, according to the Oregon Farm Bureau, “there are more than 34,600 Oregon farms and ranches, occupying about 16.4 million acres.” For years, Oregon has had sustainable agriculture. And today, the state ranks at the top in the production of several crops and it has over 220 recognized commodities.

Given Oregon’s stable agricultural history, temperate coastal and inland climates, and its large number of experienced farmers, it’s an ideal state for growing industrial hemp. But the real question is, what are Oregon’s CBD laws, and can this state legally grow hemp flower?

In short, yes Oregon can legally grow industrial hemp, including hemp flower. And residents of the state can legally smoke it. This is a short and sweet answer. In this article, we’re going to provide a more in-depth answer and share a bit of history around this plant. We’ll also talk about how to find and buy high-quality hemp flower for sale.

Is CBD Legal in Oregon?

Yes, CBD is legal in Oregon and it has been for quite some time. In 1998, Oregon became the second state, behind California, to pass a law making medical marijuana legal. It also became one of the first states in the country to approve recreational cannabis during 2014. A year later, in 2015, the cultivation of industrial hemp was legalized.

Now, the question was is CBD legal in Oregon? We talked about the plants becoming legal and this is precisely where CBD comes from. CBD or cannabidiol is a compound found in cannabis plants. Many marijuana strains have high levels of THC and low levels of CBD. Hemp is the exact opposite. Hemp strains contain large concentrations of CBD and hardly any THC.

This makes hemp the perfect crop for producing CBD hemp flower. You see, the flower is just one of the major parts of the plant. And it just so happens to contain the highest percentage of CBD compared to the rest of the plant. This is one reason that hemp flower is a top choice for consumers looking for a strong dose of CBD.

Can Anyone Grow CBD Hemp Flower in Oregon?

No, not everyone can legally grow hemp in Oregon. If a farmer or other agricultural professional is interested in growing hemp on their land, they must get approval from the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA). To do that, there’s a specific process to go through and a license to apply for. A license is also required for hemp handlers and hemp seed producers, not just hemp growers.

Oregon Hemp Flower Laws

Oregon farmers started growing industrial hemp in 2015, under the 2014 Farm Bill that was passed by President Obama. Although this Bill was updated a few years later via the 2018 Farm Bill, Oregon still follows the rules and guidelines set forth by the ODA’s 2015 Hemp Program, which was written to comply with the 2014 Farm Bill.

As of the date of this writing, that’s how the hemp laws in Oregon look. But, there’s talk that by the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021, the state might have to amend its Hemp Program to align with the 2018 Farm Bill. Under this newer Bill, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) laid out a specific set of rules for a nationwide Hemp Program.

Many Oregon hemp farmers are concerned about the new laws and how they’ll affect their crops, and ultimately their business.

THC Testing Requirement

One of the primary regulations set forth in Oregon’s Hemp Program is the pre-harvest test for THC. All crops must be tested no more than 28 days before harvest. The test examines THC levels to ensure they’re below the legal limit of 0.35%. Prior to January 1, 2020, the threshold was 0.3%. But as of this date, the limit was expanded to two decimal places because labs generally report their numbers with two decimal places.

Other Testing Requirements

There are a few other testing requirements for Oregon hemp farmers to comply with. According to the ODA, all hemp flower including pre-rolls, must be tested for pesticides, water, and moisture content. When making extracts and concentrates for retail sales, the required tests include pesticides and solvents analysis.

Also, when retail products are produced and manufactured, THC testing is required once again. During this check, the labs test the CBD content as well to ensure the accurate labeling of products.

How is CBD Hemp Flower Different Than Marijuana?

We talked a little about how medical and recreational marijuana is legal in Oregon. And as of 2015, hemp became legal to grow and consume. So, this state is about as cannabis-friendly as can be. Yet, there are some differences between these two cannabis plants that are worth clarifying.

Let’s start with marijuana. This cannabis plant has been villainized and criminalized for the better part of 50 years in America. When cannabis became illegal in 1970, the hemp plant got grouped under that law because it’s part of the cannabis Sativa family of plants.

The issue the government had with marijuana was its psychoactive nature. In other words, consumers got a ‘head high’ when they smoked it. With its intoxicating nature, it became a Schedule 1 drug. It wasn’t spared this classification even though there was apple evidence to suggest it had many medical benefits.

When consumers decide between CBD hemp flower and marijuana flower, a major determining factor is THC content. Those who want lots of CBD in their smokable flower go with hemp. Whereas those wanting the benefits of THC and don’t mind it’s psychoactive nature, generally go with marijuana.

Hemp Flower Benefits vs. Other Hemp-Derived CBD Products

The benefit hemp flower has over the other types of CBD products is its speed of effects. When you smoke CBD flower the beneficial contents get into your bloodstream quickly. So, you can feel the effects within minutes of consuming. Depending on who you ask, this could be the main reason people smoke instead of using CBD oil or eating a CBD gummy.

These two delivery methods, sublingual application (CBD oil) and ingestion (CBD gummies) have their upsides too. They take longer to get into your system than inhalation, yet they have longer-lasting effects. Consumers who want a steady dose of CBD rather than redosing frequently might choose one of these options.

Besides its quick onset of effects, CBD hemp flower is also a good product to buy when you want to make your own CBD oil, which is easy to do. This way you can buy some hemp flower to smoke and some to take sublingually after making your very own DIY CBD oil.

To buy the best CBD flower in Oregon it’s important to know what you’re looking for. That’s what we’ll cover in this next section.

Where to Buy Hemp Flower in Oregon

As you know, Oregon is no stranger to growing cannabis. It’s had many years to perfect the craft while learning the ins and outs of hemp cultivation. And as we pointed out, the Oregon Department of Agriculture makes testing of pesticides, water and moisture content, residual solvents, THC, and CBD mandatory.

Having these regulations in place gives Oregon hemp a high standard of quality that’s well respected within the industry. Then there are farmers who go above and beyond to ensure they grow their crops sustainably and apply organic farming practices. This further adds to the quality of Oregon CBD hemp flower.

So buying hemp flower at an Oregon dispensary or buying it online from a company that sources its flower from Oregon are both great choices. Each option has its perks. If you’re the type who prefers to buy online, enjoys fast delivery, and wants top-rated organic CBD flower, take a look at the options we carry in our online hemp marketplace.

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