Are you looking for an affordable way to offer your customers pre-packaged CBD flower? If so, consider taking advantage of JustKana’s wholesale pricing. Whether you’re interested in our legendary hemp flowers, pre-rolled joints, or CBD kief, we are more than happy to accept wholesale and bulk requests electronically.

Why Invest In Wholesale CBD Hemp Flower?

Trust us, the CBD craze is only beginning. Indeed, many economists now believe CBD sales could well surpass $20 billion within a matter of years.

Even if you’re late to the CBD game, there’s plenty of time to get involved in the lucrative smokable hemp industry. According to business analysts, smokable hemp is already valued at $11 million and has tremendous potential upside.

Sure, CBD oils and edibles are hot items now, but there are many good reasons people are gravitating towards smokable hemp flowers. For starters, smokable hemp offers users a relatively inexpensive way to enjoy CBD and terpenes. Plus, hemp is becoming increasingly popular in party settings thanks to its legality and non-psychoactive effects.

When you order from JustKana, you will receive beautifully trimmed buds bursting with tasty trichomes. We guarantee your clients will fall for our flowers after just one sniff.

To see our full list of smokable hemp strains, be sure to visit our website.

Is Smokable Hemp Just A Fad?

When people hear about hemp smoking for the first time, they often write it off as another fad. There are, however, many market trends that are working in hemp flower’s favor.

Before you pass on purchasing bulk hemp flower, we suggest you take a moment to consider these facts. Even if you’re skeptical of hemp’s high expectations, you’ll probably be surprised by a few of the points listed below.

Smokable Hemp Is Already Big In Europe

One of the most convincing arguments in favor of smokable hemp is that it’s already done quite well in Europe. Yes, many European countries began producing high-CBD hemp long before the United States passed the Farm Bill of 2018. During this time, we have seen a steady increase in demand throughout the EU for smokable hemp products.

Interestingly, Switzerland is now one of the leaders in Europe’s exploding smokable CBD market. It’s now estimated that there are over 600 Swiss companies that produce high-CBD cannabis buds.

There are no indications that the hemp smoking business is slowing in European markets. In fact, the demand for high-quality smokable hemp products continues to rise year-on-year. Most market analysts believe this will be the same story as hemp smoking expands in the United States.

High-CBD Hemp Is Cheap

A significant reason for high-CBD hemp’s recent surge in popularity has to do with its affordability. Heck, when compared with CBD tinctures, oils, and edibles, hemp flower is downright cheap.

Why does CBD hemp flower sell for such low prices? Simple: you don’t need fancy extraction machines. All that cultivators need to do is grow their chosen strains, dry them out, and cure them.

You can pass on even more savings to your customers when you buy bulk hemp buds from JustKana. Since there are no added fees for extraction machines or technicians, JustKana always offers our wholesale CBD flower at reasonable rates.

Vapers Are Getting Interested In CBD Hemp

When we think about smokable hemp, we often envision grinding buds into joints or water pipes. There is, however, an excellent opportunity for hemp flower in the emerging dry-herb vaporizer space.

True, vaping e-juices is red hot, but there has also been a great deal of innovation in the dry-herb vaporizer space. It seems like every month some company puts out a new award-winning dry-herb vaporizer that sets the vape world on fire.

Hemp flower is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the growing dry-herb vaporizer market.

Hemp Flower Has A Strong “Social Aspect”

Unlike many other CBD goods, hemp flower has a unique “social aspect” attached to it. By this, we mean many people who smoke hemp enjoy doing so in the company of others.

Indeed, hemp smoking has become increasingly popular amongst party-goers both in Europe and North America. This trend will likely continue due to hemp’s legality, affordability, and “rebellious” cachet.

But that doesn’t mean hemp is only hot on the global party circuit. In recent years, there has been a dramatic uptick in the number of online forums dedicated to hemp smoking. It seems people enjoy sharing info about hemp strains as much as actually smoking buds.

The strong communal aspect surrounding hemp flower can work in your favor. Smokable hemp devotees will actively promote high-quality strains like the ones offered on JustKana.

Hemp Hybrid Experimentation Is Exploding

Arguably the most exciting feature of the current hemp industry is all the experimentation that’s going on in the cultivations space. New hybrids with vastly different effects and flavors are being developed at a rapid pace. As more and more strains hit the hemp market, you can bet demand will ramp up.

On JustKana, you will find an incredible diversity of hemp flower strains. From the tropical flavors of Hawaiian Haze to the strong earthy tones of Pineberry, the variety of terpene profiles now available is almost endless.

But it’s not just the flavors where these strains differ. Many of our strains have unique effects better suited to different customers. For instance, Lifter is often used early in the day to give users a natural energy boost. Elektra, on the other hand, is more closely associated with relaxation.

The fantastic variety of hemp strains available allows customers to tailor their smoking experience. As of yet, you don’t have this degree of customizability with other CBD-related products.

If you need more info about each of our strains, we encourage you to read through the detailed profiles on our Hemp Flower page.

Hemp Flower Has A Potent Effect

A major reason people keep coming back to smokable hemp flowers is that they offer the most immediate effect for the lowest price. Customers who crave a potent CBD experience are never disappointed with whatever hemp strain they’re smoking.

There are two reasons hemp flower works so fast on a user’s body. First, the smoke from a hemp joint bypasses the digestive process. Second, hemp is rich in many secondary cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, all of which might help boost CBD’s therapeutic potential.

Smokable hemp’s fast-acting effects are a big draw, especially considering it’s one of the least expensive CBD options.

Smokable Hemp Could Help Nicotine Addicts

High-CBD hemp could play a big role in the nicotine recovery space. Although research is ongoing, there are encouraging signs that smokable hemp could combat nicotine withdrawal.

Recent statistics also show that over 40 percent of former smokers use hemp as a replacement for cigarettes. About 25 percent of survey respondents said they used hemp CBD to help overcome their nicotine addiction.

Please keep in mind the FDA still has not investigated the potential benefits of CBD. That being said, there’s a great demand for hemp in the cigarette smoking community. As more people learn about CBD, there’s no reason why smokable hemp shouldn’t gain market share in the nicotine recovery space.

Beyond Hemp Flower: Other Awesome Products On JustKana

Although JustKana specializes in growing premier hemp buds, we also offer a wide array of CBD goods. For instance, we can now ship wholesale high-CBD kief to anyone who’s interested. Made with trichomes from six organic hemp strains, this pungent CBD kief will undoubtedly add some horsepower to your smoke session.

Customers who are more interested in purified CBD products will be glad to know JustKana also offers bulk CBD isolate. This ultra-filtered powder is both odorless & tasteless, which makes it one of the most discreet products in our portfolio.

Other goods now available in JustKana’s catalog include our full-spectrum tincture and CBD topical balm.

How Can I Order Wholesale Goods From JustKana?

If you’d like to find out more about our wholesale offerings, then feel free to fill out the request form above and one of our knowledgeable wholesale specialists will get back to you shortly.