HHC Vape Carts

HHC may not be the "hottest" hemp cannabinoid, but it's gaining its fair share of attention. Those who experiment with an HHC vape cart are often surprised by its pronounced soothing effects. As a bonus, because HHC has a long shelf-life, it may be the most cost-effective option for hemp hobbyists or vape shop owners.

Since HHC has only recently emerged on the hemp scene, everyone is still learning how this cannabinoid works. However, many customers have begun demanding HHC products, especially in vape cart form. Anyone interested in the latest and greatest THC alternatives should seriously consider HHC vape carts.

The Top FAQs Surrounding HHC Vape Carts

What is HHC?

HHC is a strange cannabinoid. Unlike delta-9 or delta-8 THC, you won't find this THC derivative in cannabis. Well, to be fair, there are still debates over whether HHC is a natural cannabinoid. Some researchers claim HHC may be in some hemp strains, but it's in ultra-low quantities.

Whatever the truth is, nobody denies that today's HHC vape carts are semi-synthetic. Also, few researchers doubt that the chemist Roger Adams had a hand in creating HHC back in the 1940s. Mr. Adams took advantage of the same hydrogenation processes used with many other food products to make HHC.

In fact, the first "H" in "HHC" stands for "hydro." FYI: The entirety of HHC means "hydroxyhexahydrocannabinol."

Due to its extra hydrogen atoms and lack of a double-bond, HHC seems to be more shelf-stable than other cannabinoids. Indeed, like so many other hydrogenated products, it appears HHC could last years without diminishing in potency.

Initially, scientists only used delta-9 THC to create HHC. However, since cannabis remains a Schedule I drug under federal law, hemp manufacturers now use uncontroversial hemp cannabinoids like CBD to make HHC.

Researchers must use high-tech extraction technologies and intense heat to purify and transform CBD into HHC. Not only is it expensive to create HHC, it's incredibly dangerous. HHC extractors often work in lab settings with built-in safety alarms and fire-proof features. Please never attempt to make HHC at home.

At this point, few states have outright bans on HHC vape carts—but that's probably just because most lawmakers don't know what HHC is! As we've witnessed with the recent delta-8 explosion, local legislatures could ban THC-related compounds if they become well-known.

While there hasn't been as much media attention on HHC vape carts, that may change in the ensuing decades. If the DEA doesn't change its stance on recreational marijuana, then HHC may face heavier restrictions in certain territories.

However, not everything is "doom and gloom" regarding HHC legality. After all, the 2018 US Farm Bill legalized all hemp-derived goods with ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC. Since most HHC vape carts start as CBD extract, they are legal from a federal perspective.

Of course, customers always have to double-check that their HHC company uses lab-verified hemp flowers to make these vape carts. Since it was common practice to use delta-9 to create HHC back in the 20th century, some unscrupulous vendors may not follow the 2018 US Farm Bill's code.

The only way to ensure HHC meets these federal statutes is to ask for a third-party lab screening. These tests show customers everything they need to know about the cannabinoid percentages in hemp-related products like HHC vape carts.

Also, since HHC may find itself in the crosshairs of state regulations, it's imperative to keep track of any changes to local hemp policy. Please never order HHC vape carts if your state has strict bans against recreational or synthetic THC products.

Why Are People So "Hyped" About HHC Vape Carts?

On the face of it, HHC doesn't seem like something that would attract a lot of fanfare in the hemp flower community. After all, who honestly gets excited over hydrogenation?

However, it appears HHC is getting swept in the mania for hemp-derived THC cannabinoids. Those who latch on to HHC vape carts claim this cannabinoid has unique benefits compared with other members of the THC family.

Most notably, HHC offers a "heady" high that's slightly more euphoric than delta-8 THC. While HHC isn't as intense as delta-9, it seems to offer a more uplifting experience than delta-8 THC. This may make HHC a better choice for consumers who want a mid-day session without the risk of paranoia.

Also, as mentioned above, HHC seems to have a longer shelf-life than other cannabinoids. The hydrogenation process helps HHC retain its full power much longer than non-hydrogenated cannabinoids.

Although some cannabis purists may prefer all-natural cannabinoids, there's no question hydrogenated cannabinoids have some advantages. Most notably, these products can last for years without a significant decline in potency.

Not only is this excellent news for occasional vapers, it's potentially revolutionary for cannabis supply chains. Since HHC lasts longer than any other cannabinoid, it's easier to store over the long haul.

As the hemp industry grows, manufacturers need ways to safely extend the shelf-life of their cannabinoids. Hydrogenation may be the key to bringing high-quality cannabinoids to a more global audience.

Is HHC More Potent Than Delta-8 Or Delta-9?

There's no empirical evidence on HHC's average potency range. However, most anecdotal reports suggest HHC vape carts are less potent than delta-9 THC. Many users also claim HHC is a smidge more intense than delta-8 THC.

So, if you're new to hemp-derived THC cannabinoids, it may be a better idea to start with delta-8 and work your way up to HHC.

Just keep in mind that some users say HHC leans more on the sativa side when compared with delta-8 THC products. So, the "high" you get from HHC vape carts may make you feel euphoric and joyful rather than "stoned" and "couchlocked."

Please keep these considerations in mind when timing and dosing your HHC sessions.

Will HHC Vape Carts Ruin A Standard Drug Test?

There's a lot of speculation surrounding HHC's effect on drug screenings. If you believe the rumors, then HHC may not be as easily detectable on standard urine tests compared with delta-8. Dozens of anonymous "hemp bloggers" believe HHC is the ultimate way to get "high" without worrying about losing your job.

Unfortunately, there's no scientific evidence HHC is safe to take before a drug test. Indeed, considering HHC is similar to delta-9 THC, it's unlikely marijuana tests wouldn't pick up this cannabinoid.

Please don't rely on online speculation to time your HHC sessions. Until we have more data on HHC's average half-life, you should assume it will remain in your body for a drug test.

As with other THC-related cannabinoids, you should refrain from using HHC vape carts at least one week before a scheduled drug screening. If you're a heavy hemp user, you may need a month for THC metabolites to clear your system.

Is Vaping The Best Way To Take HHC?

No matter what cannabinoid you use, vaping will provide you with a high-intensity experience. Usually, it takes a few seconds for vapers to experience HHC's effects after taking a hit. So, if you're searching for a potent experience, then HHC vape carts may be the "best" option for you.

However, vaping isn't the best strategy if you're more interested in low-and-slow effects. In these cases, it's better to search for hemp products that take longer to get absorbed in your system. For instance, edibles and capsules have a lower absorption rate, making them better suited for beginners.

For those who still want to vape but are afraid of HHC's higher intensity, we'd recommend JustKana's CBD hemp flowers or CBD vape carts.

Unlike HHC, CBD is non-intoxicating. Therefore, you won't get the same overwhelming "head-rush" sensation when smoking or vaping our hemp CBD products. Instead, people who use CBD vape carts tend to feel a gentle sense of ease and improved cognition.

At higher doses, however, CBD vape carts could induce a bit of sedation, so please experiment with these products later in the day.

Enjoy A "High" Quality HHC Fix With JustKana

JustKana is never static. Our team of cannabinoid experts wants to be at the cutting edge of the fast-paced hemp industry. That's why we've recently decided to manufacture a line of top-shelf, hemp-derived HHC vape carts.

Whether you're totally new to the "alt THC world" or you want something more intense than delta-8 THC, we'd encourage you to take a peek at our HHC vape carts catalog. Like all of our other products, we only use the finest American-grown hemp in our HHC extracts. We also provide third-party lab results so you could double-check our high standards.