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Good Times

A mellow and chill vibe.

Wedding Cake - Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge

AK-47 Vape

Every time I order I get my products fast and they’re always good quality.

A all time favorite

!!! Big ups to los. Likes to the Treez.

A lifesaver

Taste is amazing. Product arrives fast.
Helps our pain and anxiety. We sleepwell after starting eating our Delta8Gummies.

Purple Haze - HHC Vape Cartridge
Awesome and Eye opening

Smell is great and the flavor is on time , I will keep extra on hand so I don't run out. Great product. Helps my back and pain level.

Alien OG

Great product! Will buy again as this brand is very smooth.

Delta-8 THC Gummies - Watermelon


Product is premium

Northern Lights

Great looking, tasting flower. This is definitely top tier.

Delta 8 gummies

I enjoyed a very pleasant feeling about 2 hrs after I took one of the Delta 8 gummies. My question is whether the type of THC used in your delta-8 gummies is hybrid, sativa or indica. That would help customers know if gummies are better for night rather than day time. Also, type of delta-8 THC marijuana. Thank you.

Rock a bye baby

I haven't slept this good in over 17 years! It's wonderful!

Always great!

Every time I order from here the CBD flower has been amazing! Great smell and a fantastic taste. The smoke is smooth and very enjoyable. I really like the glass jars that it comes in, compared to the plastic pop open containers or foil bags that other sellers use. I will continue to be a repeat customer!

This is my favorite flavor it’s very smooth

Lifter - CBD Flower Pre-Rolls

I love this stuff

The his is the most relaxing and calm you are ever going to feel. This will make you sleep better, eat better, and feel better. I am a Disabled Vet whos allergic to NSAIDS so I cant take Ibuprofen for inflammation. Some days my knees are killing me and my hip. Anytime I am having trouble with inflammation I smoke this the inflammation is gone within 10 mins or less. Its got flavor its smooth and you will feel it the pain relief affects immediately. Try it out it will be your new favorite.


Very helpful with my arm pain. Broken wrist and fractured elbow is less painful with this product.

Best CBD flower ever!

This is my favorite CBD strain that I have tried!!! Very strong mellowing / relaxing effect! Great flavor, smell, and overall appearance! Highly recommended!


You don't need much of this oil to do the trick. Good stuff!

Mellow feeling great taste

Really enjoyed this. Tastes good, nice mellow feeling, no paranoia.

Purple erkle did I do that

Yes, I did and it was great.

Fruity pebbles

This is the best tasting CBD I ever had also it doesn't do too much nor too little it's just right it gets me calm and feeling good

Black Mamba - HHC Vape Cartridge
Strong & Relaxing

Great taste. Heavy hitting, very relaxing.

Favorite edible

Wife and I both enjoy these. Usually hafl of one is enough, a little more if we want to feel it a bit stronger. Happy with the consistency and flavor of these.