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Great taste ,excellent effect....great sleep aid

Recommended to friends ,Best gummies ,Buying my 8th jar

Sampler Superior!

Very delightful assortment of strains in this sampler pack. Each provides a unique smoke experience! Highly recommended!


Your delta 8 flower products are amazing.

Great CBD

Wooooo hahaha

Love love this one!!🥰🥰🥰

Not delta 9

Feels like a weak delta 8

Black Diamond

It really helps me to relax and sleep better! Love the light flavor!

Best Bud!

I really enjoy the cbg.

Afgan kush

I had to hit this vape pen like 20 times or more just to get high

The best all around Gummies I have tried.

They taste good without leaving any bitter aftertaste. and they are perfect for my use.

Hawaiian Haze CBD flower

I love this strain it has a sweet flavor and is very relaxing I've used it for the past two nights and I'm sleeping like a baby I've been suffering with insomnia for 7 years and I have found that smoking CBD flower has been the best way for me to consume CBD I can't wait to try some of the other strains

Lifter - CBD Flower Pre-Rolls

Great relief, great flavor

Pineapple Express provides the much needed pain relief while having a great flavor.

Great taste and good for work

Help level me out and get creative work done. Not overly sedating and solid flavor

Special Sauce

Top Shelf Indeed!

Great High

All Delta 10 carts hit good for me and this one was very nice. The taste was there but not too much. Recommend.

Top notch product!

I have widespread pain issues due to my autoimmune disease, and can’t use edibles because they give me the “green out” effect. My body either really feels any meds etc or they don’t work at all. I’m happy to say this product is the only happy medium. No horrible nausea and passing out. Just an overwhelming relief of the constant pain and anxiety. Thank you so much for this product! And the flavor is pretty good too.

This is one of my favorites,love the taste and it takes away my chronic pain

Stellar potent products

CBD Nugs offers a very potent variety of strains & tinctures. Superior quality compared to the other online source I had. Packaging and swift shipping is great. The recent discount has been a welcome gift. Thank You CBD Nugs.

Delta 8 drops

I have been buying this for awhile now, I really like it! It helps with my PTSD, also helps me to sleep and tastes pretty good.

I like it

This is a good product. Faster acting for me it's about 30-50 minutes doing if I've eaten. Sometimes feel drowsy in the morning. A water soluble version might be interesting.

Not the same

I dont feel any effect from neither flavor anymore. Formula must changed. I even stopped vaping for 2 weeks to build up tolerance and nothing. Before I loved it. Now Im not happy. It might be just me or I got a bad batch. I would give it one more go with a new purchase to confirm. Overall this company is legit and would not shop elsewhere. Awesome customer service

Nice Dreams

Blue dream is sweet smelling and at night time it helps you count sheep and enjoy your sleep

Its great

I recommend this for any one that’s having a problem with pain management. It will have you feeling comfortable..

Good value

Probably the cheapest and strongest stuff I've used yet