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This stuff has proved to be one of my favorites for those times when I need a good herb to bang on while trying to get things done mentally. Highly recommended if you want to avoid a case of blah head. And especially appreciate these guys being pretty good at sending fresh herbs as I've had some trouble with other online vendors during the last few years. JUSTKANA and Organic CBD Nugs DEALS won't slow ur WHEELS!!

It helps me

Thanks cbd world


Good flavor and doesn't hurt my throat compared to others. I would recommend trying.


flavors always hit. good buzz.

Lifter CBD flower

This is the best quality CBD flower I have purchased so far! It is very relaxing after a stressful days work!

Ohhhh Weeee

The Afghan Skunk - CBD Hemp Flower will have you saying 'Ohhhh weee". The smell is amazing and gives a nice mellow feeling. I can't wait to place my next order.


Nice pen. Easy to use. Fast shipping.


This really help's with inflammation. We decarb it grind it up and Brew it and a soft top espresso Maker. It seems to be the best way for me to use this.

This was my 2nd time purchasing from 'justkana'.
I love this company. They never disappoint. The brand is the best I've ever had, all flavors. Shipping is fast.

Great Sampler

Taste great and very consistent over multiple different orders


Love this pack. The special sauce was amazing. Will have a go a that one again.

Skywalker Jedi Force

Loved the aroma..... the flavor was very mellow and tasty.. .... a little on the wet sticky side.... relaxing, but not as much as I was expecting


Man do I love delta8-10

They taste good

It does relax me, and makes me feel calm..

Purple Punch

Dry, but good flower.

Afghan Skunk

My five stars is for the flower, it was great. Processing and Shipping was terrible.

Great smooth taste that gives you a boost to help with things around the house. I mix it with medical 50/50, and I Feel Great.

Helpful sleep

Great help for falling asleep

dense buds

great smoke would buy again

Surprisingly tasty

These have been great for helping to relax on stressful days when sleep would have been hard to achieve. I was concerned about bout taste and texture, nothing to worry about there, they are just like normal gummies.

Yummy indici

Awesome indicia heavy headed cart..I look this company

Great stuff!!!

Tastes and smells amazing and it works 😜


Amazing as usual


Been getting the Hawaiian stuff from these guys for a while now and it's been some of the better herb I've found either locally or online during the last several years. One of my ol favorites to help me deal with a hyper-tense thing I live with and, AND, most importantly.... maintain "island time" while I seem to be stuck in this crazy world. BIG THANKS to these guys for providing good herb that's NOT dried out or something like some "others" are doing.

Absolutely wonderful

Let me start by saying this flower is some of the most beautiful visually ive purchased the smell and the taste is so amazing i love this flower some of my favorite