CBD Pre-Rolls

Experience the ultimate convenience and luxury with our premium CBD pre-rolls. Our pre-rolls are made with the same high-quality organic hemp flowers as our premium flower line, but with the added convenience of being pre-rolled for your immediate enjoyment.

Our pre-rolls are carefully crafted and hand-rolled with precision to ensure an even burn and a smooth, flavorful smoking experience.  Try our CBD pre-rolls today and experience the ultimate in convenience and luxury.

Who Are CBD Pre-Rolled Joints For?

Many customers are drawn to CBD pre-rolled joints for one simple reason: they’re convenient to use. Even if you have no experience smoking CBD hemp flower, you won’t have a difficult time figuring out how to enjoy one of these well-packed joints. Indeed, it’s common for people who are new to hemp smoking to start with our CBD joints.

People who do a lot of traveling also love the portability of our high-CBD hemp pre rolls. Wherever and whenever you get a break, you could easily pull out one of our sweet-smelling hemp joints, light up, and savor all those terrific terpenes.

Due to their legality, CBD pre rolled joints are also becoming extremely trendy amongst party-goers. You’re sure to turn a few heads once you start sharing our premier CBD pre rolls at your next get-together.

Lastly, since hemp pre-rolls somewhat resemble cigarettes, many tobacco smokers use them to help combat nicotine withdrawal. Just keep in mind: the Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated any health-related statements on this site. None of the products on JustKana are intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult a certified medical expert before adding CBD to your daily routine.

Just because hemp pre-rolls are convenient doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing quality when you order from JustKana. Every one of our CBD pre rolls is filled to the brim with hand-trimmed hemp flower from our premier strains. Please take your time exploring the unique flavor profiles in our diverse strain catalog.

Could I Get Arrested For Smoking CBD Joints?

Since smokable hemp is a relatively new phenomenon, many customers are concerned about its legality. Thankfully, according to the 2018 Farm Bill, the sale of hemp is 100 percent legal in the USA.

The only feature you need to pay special attention to is the hemp product’s THC level. Any hemp goods with over 0.3 percent THC content are not legal per federal law.

Just because hemp is federally legal, however, doesn’t mean every state tolerates it. Indeed, there are a few states like Louisiana and North Carolina that have strict bans on smokable hemp. Plus, since police officers have a difficult time differentiating marijuana and hemp, you could be mistakenly fined for smoking hemp in public.

At JustKana, we always send our hemp to a professional lab for a thorough cannabinoid and terpene screening. Even though we take extreme precautions to keep THC levels below 0.3 percent, we strongly encourage you to research your state’s smokable hemp laws before working with us.

Is Smoking CBD Better Than CBD Oil?

Despite the wide range of CBD goods now available, CBD oil remains one of the most widely recognized hemp-derived products. Considering CBD oil’s immense popularity, it’s understandable why some customers question the value of smokable hemp.

In truth, both of these products have their advantages and disadvantages. Choosing between these items largely depends on personal preference, but here are a few pros & cons worth considering.

First off, a significant advantage of using smokable hemp is that it’s fast-acting. Remember, the smoke from hemp flowers bypasses your digestive system, which means CBD gets absorbed directly into your bloodstream. Plus, many customers say smoking hemp is one of the tastiest ways to get their CBD!

CBD oils, on the other hand, have to be processed by your liver before you begin to feel any effects. Unlike smokable hemp, CBD oil tends to produce milder effects that last a long time.

On the flipside, CBD oil is a safer choice for customers who have pre-existing lung issues. Also, anyone who loves making edibles could easily mix a bit of CBD oil into their favorite baked goods.

Although JustKana specializes in trichome-rich hemp flowers, please don’t forget we now offer many concentrated CBD products. For instance, you could now purchase a full-spectrum hemp tincture that can be taken sublingually.

How Do I Choose The Best CBD Joint?

Since everyone has different preferences, we can’t recommend the “best” high-CBD hemp strain. Just like choosing a fine wine, finding your favorite flower will require a bit of experimentation.

You could, however, get an accurate “pre-roll preview” by checking out each strain’s terpene levels. Not only are terpenes responsible for each flower’s unique flavors, but they might also play a crucial role in influencing the effects of your chosen strain.

Although scientists are continually discovering new terpenes, one of the most commonly found compounds in hemp is myrcene. Also present in tropical fruits like mangoes, myrcene is strongly associated with sweet aromatics and sedative effects.

On the opposite extreme, you might run across the uplifting terpene alpha-pinene in a few of our hemp strains. Known for its fresh “pine forest” scent, alpha-pinene tends to have a stimulating effect on the body.

Why Buy CBD Pre-Rolls From JustKana?

Simply put, customers love our CBD pre-rolled joints because we grow superior hemp flowers. Our cultivators use tried-and-true methods to bring out the most in every one of our buds. We also take great care to hand-trim every one of our flowers before carefully packaging them for shipment.