Forget Nicotine, Get Terpenes! — A Beginner’s Guide To The Best CBD Cigarettes

There’s a sea change happening in today’s cigarette market. As more people learn about the long-term consequences of nicotine, smokers seem to be on the hunt for hemp. Indeed, CBD cigarettes are steadily becoming a significant sector in the global hemp industry. Heck, it’s already common to find CBD cigarettes in most convenience stores and gas stations.

So, what’s the deal with CBD cigarettes? Are they habit-forming, or could they offer smokers legitimate relief? Also, what are the best CBD cigarettes on today’s market?

What Ingredients Are In A CBD Cigarette?

Whenever people see the term “cigarette,” they immediately think of nicotine. However, genuine CBD cigarettes should always have zero nicotine content. The main idea behind CBD cigarettes was to provide smokers with a non-tobacco alternative. While CBD cigarettes may look like standard tobacco products, they should only contain pre-ground hemp flowers.

Advertisers often use the label “CBD cigarettes” to appeal to former nicotine smokers, but the terms “hemp pre-rolls” or “hemp joints” are basically the same thing. The only difference between these products may be their appearance. CBD cigarettes often mimic their tobacco equivalents, whereas hemp pre-rolls look more like traditional cannabis joints.

Although CBD cigarettes shouldn’t contain nicotine, that doesn’t mean they won’t have this addictive compound. You should always check a company’s third-party lab results before purchasing hemp pre-rolls. If hemp products have some tobacco, they should come with a warning label and age restriction.

Could CBD Cigarettes Get Me “High?”

By federal law, CBD cigarettes could only contain ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC. At these minuscule levels, it’s unlikely smoking CBD hemp flowers will make users feel “high.” Not only are these traces of THC incredibly low, there’s evidence CBD actively blocks THC molecules from landing on the brain’s endocannabinoid receptors.

Most people who try CBD cigarettes claim they feel a clear-headed sense of calm after taking a few puffs. Some people even use CBD cigarettes to boost attention, reduce stress, and diminish distracting thoughts during their workday.

While CBD affects everyone differently, you shouldn’t feel a psychoactive sensation when smoking one of our hemp cigarettes.

Why Would Someone Want To Use CBD Cigarettes?

Most people who get interested in CBD cigarettes are former smokers who want a non-nicotine alternative. Often, these customers use CBD cigarettes whenever they get the urge to take a quick smoke break. Since these pre-rolls contain 100 percent all-natural hemp, smokers don’t have to worry about ingesting addictive nicotine or other harmful compounds often found in commercial cigarettes.

But that doesn’t mean CBD cigarettes are solely for former nicotine smokers. These hemp pre-rolls offer consumers a convenient and discreet way to add CBD to their daily routine. True, CBD pre-rolls may not be as sneaky as using a vape cart or eating a few gummies, but they look remarkably similar to regular cigarettes.

Please note: There’s no scientific evidence proving CBD cigarettes help reduce nicotine cravings. While a few studies on nicotine smokers suggest CBD oil may have potential, we still don’t know how this cannabinoid affects addiction. If you want to quit smoking, please speak with a physician for professional guidance.

What Are The Best CBD Cigarettes? — Our Favorite Hemp Strains

People new to smokable hemp are often shocked by how many CBD strains are available in pre-roll form. Similar to the legal marijuana industry, there has been an explosion of creativity in the hemp cultivation space. As more people demand variety from their CBD smoking sessions, it’s likely hemp fans will have even more choices in the ensuing years.

Below, we’ll share a few iconic CBD hemp strains you could order in pre-rolls.

Lifter CBD Pre-Rolls

Feeling down? Let Lifter “lift” you up! This mix of Suver Haze and Early Resin Berry is a classic sativa strain that’s named in honor of its stimulating effects. After a few puffs, Lifter fans often report a pleasant head buzz sensation and a massive burst of energy. If the ~ 30 percent CBD in these pre-rolls doesn’t put a spring in your step, then you’d better believe Lifter’s citrus and berry aromatics will!

Hawaiian Haze CBD Pre-Rolls

If you love pungent strains with a pop of pineapple, then the Polynesian-themed Hawaiian Haze should be on your radar. Thanks to its strong Haze genetics, this citrusy strain often gives users a subtle sense of euphoria and enhances sociability. In fact, many people claim Hawaiian Haze is their go-to party strain. So, the next time you’re a little nervous about a big event, let our CBD Hawaiian Haze pre-rolls give you a push.

Bubba Kush CBD Pre-Roll

If you want a CBD cigarette that’ll put you to bed, Bubba Kush is your best bet. This mix of OG Kush and Northern Lights has been helping tokers turn off their lights since the 1990s. Of course, since our OG Kush is a hemp cultivar, it only contains ≤ 0.3 percent THC. This means you could enjoy all of these earthy and chocolatey flavors without psychoactive side effects. Just be sure to take Bubba Kush pre-rolls later in the day because they could induce sedation.

Elektra CBD Pre-Roll

Elektra is a classic name in the pantheon of hemp strains. Made with a blend of ACDC and Early Resin Berry, this 50/50 hybrid has a refreshingly balanced effect with head-rush euphoria and deep relaxation. Typically, hemp smokers enjoy lighting one of our CBD Elektra pre-rolls after dinner for a sweet & sultry dessert toke. With CBD concentrations in the 20 percent range, Elektra is sure to help smokers unwind after a grinding day.

Fruity Pebbles CBD Pre-Roll

Flavor chasers who love rare cultivars have got to give CBD Fruity Pebbles a try. Just like the iconic Post cereal, CBD Fruity Pebbles is jam-packed with sugary and fruity terpenes like myrcene and limonene. However, it’s the ultra-high doses of CBD that make this rare cultivar extra “sweet.” After a few “sips” of this delish strain, you’ll probably feel as carefree as a kid.

Special Sauce CBD Pre-Roll

If you consider yourself a CBD connoisseur, then you should give Special Sauce a taste test. With over 20 unique terpenes, this mysterious CBD cigarette has plenty of subtle notes, even for a discerning palate. With so many flavors to explore, you’re bound to have a different experience with each smoke session. And don’t worry about taking too many tokes of this sauce; since there’s only ≤ 0.3 percent THC, you won’t get “dazed and confused!”

Sour Diesel CBD Pre-Roll

Customers who want a lip-puckeringly pungent strain must grab some CBD Sour D. Filled with high concentrations of limonene, this iconic sativa is one of the best-reviewed gasoline hybrids. In its hemp form, our CBD Sour Diesel has the same loud aromatics of the original without the disorienting “high.” However, even though CBD Sour D has ≤ 0.3 percent THC, it’s best to use this strain early in the day. There’s a good reason Sour Diesel is often considered the best “wake & bake” strain.

Can’t Choose A CBD Cigarette? Why Not Try A Sampler Pack!

Unless you already know your taste preferences, choosing from the dozens of hemp pre-rolls online can be challenging. To help remedy this problem, Organic CBD Nugs created our affordable CBD Pre-Roll Sampler Packs. Each of these variety packs includes six of our best no-shake hemp hybrids. This way, you could experience multiple hemp terpene profiles to figure out which strains jive with your preferences.

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