Superstar Hemp Strains On Subreddits — What CBD Hemp Flowers Are Hot On Reddit?

With about 1.5 billion visits per year, Reddit remains one of the World Wide Web’s top forums. While you often won’t see “hemp” trending on Reddit’s homepage, this site has been a haven for people in the CBD hemp flower community. People on subreddits like “r/hempflowers” don’t hide their opinions of the latest CBD strains on the hemp market. 

If you’re having difficulty picking the best CBD hemp strain for your needs, you may want to see what Redditors are saying about their favorite CBD hemp flowers. If hemp nugs get high praise on Reddit, there’s a good chance they’ll meet your expectations. 

Abacus Diesel 

The indica hybrid Abacus Diesel hasn’t been around as long as other hemp strains, but it has made a big impression in the Reddit community. Impressively, some Redditors recently claimed Abacus Diesel is one of the most potent CBD-rich hemp strains. Many hemp tokers also say Abacus Diesel has the most “weed-like” aromatics, which makes it an excellent option for folks who want marijuana’s flavors without THC’s side effects. 

As the name highlights, Abacus Diesel is heavy on sour industrial aromatics, similar to hybrids like Sour Diesel. However, since the parent strain Abacus is an indica-heavy strain, Abacus Diesel doesn’t have “wake & bake” effects. Instead, many people who enjoy Abacus Diesel report a profoundly relaxing sensation ideal for chilling with friends or binging a hit TV series. 

Customers in the market for citrusy strains that lean on the sedating side will find a lot to love in Abacus Diesel nugs. 

Sour Space Candy

Sour Space Candy is another citrus-forward hybrid that scores well on Reddit threads. Reviewers can’t get enough of this strain’s tart flavors and “astronomical” CBD percentages. Typically, Sour Space Candy has CBD in the 19 percent range, making it a solid choice for people who want to experience fast & potent CBD relief. 

Lab studies indicate Sour Space Candy is a blend of the legendary Early Resin Berry and the tangy Sour Tsunami. It’s also well-known that Sour Space Candy has a sativa edge, which makes it a fantastic option for daytime tokers. People who love to sneak a CBD vape into their daily routine will appreciate Sour Space Candy’s uplifting qualities. 

Bubba Kush

Customers that enjoy smoking before bed should put Bubba Kush at the top of their “to try” list. No, we’re not talking about the famed THC-containing Bubba Kush strain. There’s now a CBD-rich version of Bubba Kush, and it’s causing a considerable stir amongst Redditors.

According to recent Reddit threads, Bubba Kush belongs near the top of the rankings for “The Best CBD Strains For Sleep.” Why? Well, there are two big reasons this funky & fruity strain is such a big deal for people who struggle with insomnia. 

First, Bubba Kush has a near 100 percent indica percentage. Second, lab tests reveal Bubba Kush has high concentrations of the terpene myrcene. There are a few trials that suggest myrcene has strong sedative properties. 

Bubba Kush isn’t the only CBD strain that’s great for nighttime tokes, but it’s a solid choice for people interested in experiencing CBD’s full sedative potential. 


Although the hemp flower market is relatively new, Elektra has already gained an “OG” status with hemp fans on Reddit. This mix of ACDC and Early Resin Berry is most famous for its well-balanced effects that are great during the day or right before bed. Some Redditors even claim Elektra is the best strain for artists who need help overcoming “writer’s block.” 

Like Bubba Kush, most Elektra cultivars have heavy traces of the fruity terpene myrcene. However, the effects people describe with Elektra don’t tend to be as profoundly sedating as Bubba. Instead, hemp fans claim Elektra provides a pleasant blend of wakefulness and calm, ideal for chatting with friends in a relaxed party setting. Elektra is also a popular choice amongst microdosers who use this strain’s stress-relieving properties to enhance work productivity. 

Hawaiian Haze

Hawaiian Haze is all the rage at CBD flower festivities. Redditors who review the Hawaiian Haze hybrid love its uplifting effects and full-body relaxation. Many reviewers also claim Hawaiian Haze is the best “social CBD strain” because it helps diffuse tension without triggering sleepiness. 

Since this CBD strain has Haze genetics, it tends to have more pronounced sativa-like effects. The inclusion of many citrusy terpenes like limonene helps brighten a user’s mood as they experience Hawaiian Haze’s flavors.

Hawaiian Haze may not be the best pick right before bed, but it’s a popular choice for people who want to reduce anxiety ahead of a big social event. 

Pineapple Express

It seems like Redditors have a deep passion for pungent CBD flowers. In addition to Sour Space Candy, Hawaiian Haze, and Abacus Diesel, Pineapple Express often appears on the r/hempflowers subreddit. 

Indelibly linked with Seth Rogan’s stoner comedy, CBD Pineapple Express has all the tropical flavors of the classic cannabis strain without THC’s psychoactive effects. Typically, this hybrid has a slight sativa edge that produces a mild head-rush buzz and a refreshing sense of relaxation. 

Customers who’ve always wanted to try this prominent pot strain without THC will enjoy identical aromatics in CBD Pineapple Express. The fruity flavors coupled with its well-balanced effects make CBD Pineapple Express a popular treat any time of the day. 


Like Elektra, Lifter is an “OG” CBD hybrid that scores high marks amongst hemp connoisseurs on Reddit. Understandably, most people get interested in Lifter because they assume it has “uplifting” effects. According to many Redditors, Lifter lives up to its hype with a cerebral high that’s ideal for daytime smoke sessions. 

Lifter gets most of its energizing effects from its parent strain Suver Haze, but Early Resin Berry provides a dash of fruitiness and earthiness. The most prominent terpene in Lifter is limonene, which gives this hybrid a citrus-forward flavor profile. The high traces of limonene combined with its sativa edge makes Lifter the de facto “wake and bake” hemp flower.

Of course, Lifter’s high concentration of CBD won’t provoke panic attacks or lightheadedness like a THC sativa strain. However, those in the CBD community always recommend taking Lifter early in the day for the best effects. 

Best CBD Hemp Strains On Reddit

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