Flying High With “Diet Weed” — Can You Bring Delta-8 On A Plane?

There are still many unresolved issues in the great debate over delta-8’s legality. Although it appears the US federal government doesn’t have a problem with hemp-derived delta-8 products, there are many anti-delta-8 laws at the local level. These contradictory policies have made many delta-8 customers fear taking their favorite cannabinoid on an upcoming flight. 

If you’re considering bringing delta-8 THC on a plane, you need to pay careful attention to the laws governing this cannabinoid. Although there are still questions surrounding delta-8’s legal status, there are a few general guidelines frequent flyers can keep in mind before cramming this cannabinoid in their carry-ons. 

So, Can You Bring Delta-8 On A Plane? — The Answer 

If you’re only traveling in the US or Canada and you abide by the TSA’s guidelines for vaporizer and liquid requirements, it’s usually OK to bring delta-8 THC on a plane. 

Many US federal judges admit that the 2018 US Farm Bill places no restrictions on hemp-derived delta-8 products. Indeed, according to the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, delta-8 products are legal in the USA if they have ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC.

However, just because the US federal government treats delta-8 as a legal substance doesn’t mean it’s always safe to travel with it. Please remember that airlines are private businesses, so they can develop their own “banned lists” for substances or vaporizer devices they don’t want on a plane. Also, many territories within the US and Canada don’t support federal delta-8 legalization. 

So, while it’s typically OK to fly with delta-8 products, customers need to carefully review the hemp rules in their target destination and on their airline. Customers must also research the TSA’s current guidelines on acceptable carry-on items, especially if they bring a delta-8 vaporizer or a liquid product. 

Can You Bring A Delta-8 Vape On A Plane?

Despite the diverse product offerings in the hemp market, delta-8 vape carts, e-juices, and pens remain some of the best-selling items. Therefore, it’s understandable why so many people ask, “Can you bring a delta-8 pen on a plane?” 

As we’ve already mentioned, the legality of flying with delta-8 on a plane depends on your travel specs. Is your final destination OK with delta-8? Does your airline have any restrictions on delta-8 THC? The first step to answering “Can you bring delta-8 vape carts on a plane?” should include researching these unique delta-8 policies. 

If you’re wondering if you can bring a delta-8 disposable on a plane, you first have to understand the delta-8 policies in your airline and your final destination. After you’re sure you can bring delta-8 carts on a plane, you must abide by the TSA’s rules for storing vape devices. 

Due to a few high-profile vape explosions in planes and airports, the TSA only allows e-cigarettes and vaping devices on carry-on bags. According to the TSA’s website, vape devices must have lithium-ion batteries with ≤ 100 Wh or lithium metal batteries with ≤ 2 grams of lithium. Please check your vaporizer’s battery specifications before packing a delta-8 vape product. 

For those traveling with delta-8 e-juice, please remember the TSA has strict restrictions on the liquids you could bring in carry-on bags. The TSA only lets passengers pack fluid containers in a quart-sized resealable bag. Please remember that each liquid container can’t exceed 100 ml (or 3.4 oz). Although most delta-8 e-juices are way less than 100 ml, you can put larger liquid containers in checked baggage. 

Can You Bring Delta-8 Edibles On A Plane? 

Arguably, it’s simplest to bring delta-8 edibles on long-haul flights. Since these products aren’t in liquid form, you don’t have to worry about the TSA’s “quart-size bag” restrictions. 

As long as there are no airline or state-specific delta-8 restrictions, it shouldn’t be a hassle to bring lab-tested & hemp-derived delta-8 edibles on a flight in the US or Canada.

Can You Bring Delta-8 Gummies On A Plane? 

Since delta-8 gummies are the most common edible in the delta-8 market, most people are concerned about bringing these edibles onto a plane. As we just mentioned, there’s typically no issue bringing sealed delta-8 gummies onto a commercial aircraft. Just be sure you know the hemp laws in whatever state you’re visiting. 

Can You Bring Delta-8 THC Flowers On A Plane Trip?

Delta-8 THC flowers are the trickiest product to fly with. Technically speaking, these hemp strains should be legal if they have ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC. However, since hemp flowers look and smell just like marijuana, you’ll probably draw unwanted attention from authorities. 

Please remember that marijuana remains a “Schedule I” drug in the USA. Also, most states in the US have yet to legalize recreational weed. 

It doesn’t matter that delta-8 flowers don’t contain high traces of delta-9 THC. Most officers that find these flowers will probably assume they’re illegal marijuana and prosecute you accordingly. 

Until the US government relaxes its stance on smokable weed, it’s best to leave delta-8 pre-rolls and flowers off your next flight. 

Can You Fly Around The World With Delta-8 THC? 

Thus far, we’ve focused on traveling with delta-8 in the US and Canada. Although delta-8 is entering the global market, it’s generally not as well-known or well-tolerated outside these two Western nations. For the most part, it’s not a great idea to fly with delta-8 if you’re going to a foreign destination.

OK, there are a few outliers in the field of marijuana legalization. Most prominently, Uruguay has legal recreational cannabis laws. However, chances are the country you’re traveling to will be less accepting of delta-8 THC than the US and Canada. 

Unless you’re 100 percent certain your final destination has pro-delta-8 laws, it’s unwise to take delta-8 to a foreign country. 

Can You Bring Delta-8 On A Plane To Mexico? 

Since many Americans travel to Mexico on vacation, they are often curious whether they could bring hemp products like delta-8 south of the border. Even though Mexico has a reputation for cannabis cultivation (e.g., Acapulco Gold), travelers must remember Mexico has a low tolerance for this “high” substance. 

True, Mexico allows select residents to use cannabis. However, Mexican authorities rigorously screen cannabis via the Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks. As a foreigner, you won’t enjoy any special rights licensed Mexican cannabis users enjoy. 

Also, delta-8 isn’t as widely known in the Mexican market as in America or Canada. In a worst-case scenario, authorities will seize the delta-8 in your possession and charge you with drug trafficking. Travelers caught with delta-8 in Mexico could face severe consequences like deportation, jail time, and a travel ban. 

Until there’s greater clarity from the Mexican government, it’s best for people traveling to Cancún to keep delta-8 at home. 

Can You Get Arrested For Bringing Delta-8 THC On A Plane? 

Tourists can face serious charges if they bring delta-8 THC on the “wrong” flight. 

The only way to know if delta-8 is OK to take on a plane is to do your “hemp homework” on your target destination’s stance towards this substance. This includes the state’s laws on hemp and your hotel’s policies on drug possession. You also have to determine whether your airline has a ban on hemp-related products like delta-8. 

After all of your research, if you still have any doubts about whether you could bring delta-8 on a plane, please don’t risk it! You can face legal repercussions if you take delta-8 on a plane, especially if you’re traveling outside the US or Canada. 

Don’t Assume Delta-8 Is Always OK On A Plane! 

Flying can be incredibly stressful. However, for some customers, cannabinoids like delta-8 and CBD seem to take some of the anxiety out of long-distance flights. Countless frequent flyers use these hemp compounds to de-stress and reset their circadian rhythm while on business trips or vacations. 

Although hemp cannabinoids have valid use cases for many customers, not every state, country, or company agrees on how to regulate them. If you’re going to travel in the US and Canada, delta-8 is typically OK on a plane. However, even if you’re staying within these Western nations, you must be wary of special delta-8 restrictions. Please never fly with delta-8 if you feel even the slightest hesitation about putting it in your travel case.