Explaining Delta-8 THC’s Availability — Where Is Delta-8 Available?

Despite the insane demand for delta-8 THC, it’s nowhere near as simple to find delta-8 products versus hemp-derived CBD oils. Why? Well, delta-8’s relative lack of availability has a lot to do with its psychoactivity. 

Even though judges at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in delta-8’s favor, some states don’t view delta-8 THC as a legal substance. Many hemp vendors in non-cannabis-friendly territories are fearful of delta-8 police raids. It doesn’t matter that delta-8 THC isn’t the same as delta-9 — these two cannabinoids have THC in their name, and they seem to have similar effects on consumers. In the eyes of many local lawmakers, that’s enough to put it in the “illegal” basket, which impacts the delta-8 THC’s availability.

However, if your state doesn’t have a specific ban on delta-8 products, there should be a few ways to get your hands on hemp-derived delta-8 goodies. Whether you’re into vape carts, gummies, or flowers, there are many reputable vendors online and IRL that are adding delta-8 THC to their inventory. 

Where Is Delta-8 THC Available? — Ways To Find The Best Delta-8 Near Me 

Do CBD Hemp Shops Sell Delta-8 THC? 

Although CBD is the most successful hemp-derived cannabinoid, more legal CBD shops have begun adding alternative cannabinoids to their product lines to diversify their offerings. As more research comes out about secondary cannabinoids, customers have expressed an interest in trying novel hemp compounds. Unsurprisingly, delta-8 THC is the most popular non-CBD hemp product store owners add to their shelves.

While not every entrepreneur feels comfortable adding delta-8 to their brick-and-mortar location, it’s becoming more common to find delta-8 in these shops. However, you’ll most likely discover delta-8 THC’s availability in hemp shops in cannabis-friendly states. Although the DEA didn’t ban delta-8 THC, store owners in territories with anti-cannabis laws won’t feel as comfortable adding delta-8 to their shelves. 

Please remember there have been many raids on hemp shops selling THC cannabinoids like delta-8 or delta-10. Also, some states have explicit laws against selling hemp-derived delta-8 THC. 

So, it’s getting easier to find delta-8 THC in CBD stores nationwide, but there’s no guarantee your favorite hemp store will have delta-8 products. The odds your hemp shop will have delta-8 largely depends on your state’s opinion of this cannabinoid. 

We’d recommend reviewing local laws on hemp and cannabis to gauge the likelihood that brick-and-mortar stores would feel comfortable selling delta-8 products. You could also call hemp shops for more information on delta-8 THC extracts

Is Delta-8 THC Available At Cannabis Dispensaries? 

Currently, over half of US states have legalized marijuana for medical or recreational use. While these rulings aren’t directly tied to delta-8 THC, it’s less likely states with a pro-cannabis stance would care about delta-8 products. Indeed, most states that issue a “delta-8 raid” take a zero-tolerance stance towards any THC product. 

So, if you live somewhere with favorable cannabis laws, there’s a greater chance you’ll see delta-8 THC’s availability in many brick-and-mortar vape shops and hemp stores. You’ll also likely see delta-8 products in state-sponsored cannabis dispensaries.

Although marijuana dispensaries focus on delta-9 THC products, these shops continue to adjust their offerings depending on market demand. Since delta-8 is a trendy cannabinoid, more legal weed dispensaries are adding this hemp-derived item to their stores. 

If you’re in an area with legal cannabis dispensaries, you may want to check whether they have some delta-8 items. However, please remember that weed dispensaries might sell items with over 0.3 percent delta-9 THC content. You must double-check the third-party lab tests with these items to ensure they meet your preferences and your state’s legal purchasing limits. 

Is Delta-8 Available Online? 

The most convenient and discreet way to order delta-8 products is through reputable online shops. However, with the proliferation of scam delta-8 sites, it can be challenging to separate legit e-commerce portals from liars. 

There are no FDA standards for evaluating hemp-derived products like delta-8 THC. Therefore, it’s up to each hemp company to publish third-party lab results for their products. If you’re having a tricky time getting these lab documents from an online delta-8 store, you should never do business with them. Every hemp vendor knows that third-party Certificates of Analysis are the only way to prove transparency in this emerging industry. 

High-quality delta-8 websites should also ship your products in nondescript packaging to avoid detection and confiscation. Due to delta-8’s close association with delta-9 THC, it can trigger shipping issues. Please carefully review your delta-8 website’s shipping and refund policies before placing an order.

Organic CBD Nugs understands how difficult it can be to verify the authenticity of delta-8 products online. That’s why we always publish our third-party lab results online so you can verify our commitment to quality. We also clearly lay out our shipping & returns policy on this page. 

Where Are Delta-8 Carts Available?

Arguably, delta-8 vape carts are the most popular product category when it comes to searching for delta-8 THC’s availability. Chances are, if a hemp shop, dispensary, or online store sells delta-8 goods, they will focus on delta-8 vape pods.

However, since delta-8 vape carts are the most readily accessible delta-8 product, you must be extra careful when evaluating these items. Companies could mix unnecessary additives or questionable flavors into their delta-8 vape juices. It’s crucial to examine the third-party lab tests with your delta-8 vape carts to determine whether they’re legit. 

Where Is Delta-8 Flower Available? 

Delta-8 THC's Availability - Flowers

Confusingly, delta-8 flowers aren’t naturally bursting with delta-8-rich trichomes. In fact, most of today’s delta-8 flowers are CBD hemp nugs coated with delta-8 extract. For this reason, you may see delta-8 flowers labeled as “delta-8-fortified flowers.”

Now that we’ve got that terminology out of the way, you’re probably wondering where delta-8 THC flowers are available. Well, it’s a bit trickier to find delta-8 flowers versus delta-8 tinctures, gummies, and vape carts. Unlike all of these other product categories, delta-8 hemp flowers look and smell incredibly similar to illegal marijuana. It’s far more likely that police or postal officers would mistake delta-8 hemp flowers for marijuana, which results in a higher confiscation rate.

If retailers live in a non-cannabis-friendly state, they probably won’t take a chance with delta-8 flowers. There’s no easy way to quickly scan delta-8 flowers to prove their cannabinoid concentration. So, if officers find these hemp flowers in a shop, they will probably assume they’re illegal marijuana. 

Likely, only customers who live in states with cannabis-friendly laws will see delta-8 flowers in physical stores. Otherwise, it’s easiest for US consumers to find delta-8 fortified flowers on sites like Organic CBD Nugs. 

Where Are Delta-8 Gummies Available Near Me?

Similar to delta-8 vape carts, delta-8 gummies are relatively easy to find in brick-and-mortar hemp shops or e-commerce sites. 

Customers need to be wary of secondary ingredients when examining this product category. Unfortunately, many manufacturers pump their delta-8 gummies with tons of extra sweeteners, dyes, and secondary ingredients. Please ensure your delta-8 gummies have ingredients that meet your dietary requirements before choosing them.

Is Delta-8 THC Available Worldwide? 

If you thought finding delta-8 in the USA was tough, you’re in for a rude awakening as you travel outside the country. Aside from Canada, most foreign nations treat delta-8 like delta-9 THC (i.e., as an illegal substance). Most people outside of the US and Canada probably don’t know what delta-8 is or how it compares with “plain old pot.” 

While there may be some slight exceptions to this rule, you probably won’t find legal delta-8 anywhere outside the North American market. Unless you hear otherwise from local government sources, please stay away from delta-8 THC if you’re traveling outside Canada and the USA. 

Where Is Delta-8 Available In The UK?

Unfortunately for hemp fans in the UK, it’s illegal to buy, sell, or use delta-8 THC in Great Britain, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. Like the US federal government, the UK has strict laws against marijuana, and it doesn’t appear Parliament recognizes a distinction between delta-8 and delta-9. 

However, please remember these anti-cannabis laws don’t apply to hemp-derived CBD products. Technically, CBD oils in the UK must contain zero delta-9 THC content to classify as legit supplements. So, if you’re traveling to Heathrow Airport with hemp-derived CBD isolate, you should clear customs. 

Just be sure you double-check the latest laws surrounding delta-8 and CBD before entering the UK. 

Does Organic CBD Nugs Ship Delta-8 Nationwide? 

Organic CBD Nugs would love to send our high-quality delta-8 products to everyone who wants them. However, we recognize that there’s a lot of controversy surrounding delta-8 THC’s availability, and we always strive to abide by the latest local hemp regulations. 

So, while we offer our delta-8 products to most US states, there are some territories where we may not be legally allowed to ship these items. We encourage customers to review the allowed regions by each of our delta-8 THC products before making a purchase. 

However, please remember Organic CBD Nugs sends our non-psychoactive CBD and CBG items to all 50 states. CBD and CBG won’t get users “high,” but they may provide relief to customers.