The Best Way To Store Hemp Flower

Do you want to learn how to store your hemp flower, and also understand why a storage plan is super important? God, then you’re in the right place.

Proper storage doesn’t only apply to those who buy hemp flower in bulk. It also applies to anyone who plans to buy CBD flower, even if it’s only one gram. Storing hemp flower is more than just keeping it fresh, it’s also about keeping it safe for consumption.

But, before we jump in and reveal the best way to store hemp flower, we must talk about the reasons storage is vital.

There are several environmental factors that influence the freshness or degradation of hemp flower. After all, hemp is a plant so it requires careful attention at all stages of its life cycle. If not, your hemp flower nugs will lose their quality.

Factors that reduce the shelf life of CBD flower

There are six main reasons that can affect the shelf life of your CBD flower. We’ll go over each one, and list them in no particular order.


Although hemp is typically grown outdoors with constant exposure to oxygen (air), it doesn’t need or want that much after the buds have been cured and arrive on your doorstep.

Too much oxygen for your CBD flower can compromise the potency, smell, and taste of your nugs. Over time, this can lead to stale, unpleasant buds. So, don’t leave your stash out on a table, your nightstand, or simply laying around.


Keeping your hemp flower in a temperature-controlled environment is essential. Fluctuations from hot to cold, or excessive heat or cold can cause it to go stale or grow mold.

Humidity & moisture

These environmental factors don’t only apply to those who live in regions with high humidity or lots of rain. Humidity and moisture can be a problem no matter where you live. There can be an imbalance in the humidity and moisture levels in your home. Or an imbalance may be present inside the container that’s currently holding your CBD nugs.

If these factors go unchecked there’s a risk of mold, bacteria, and other contaminants you don’t want growing in your stash. These impurities have health consequences like illness and infection. We’re not saying this to scare you, just to bring it to your attention so you’re informed.


This applies to natural and artificial light. Cannabinoid and terpene-rich premium hemp nugs don’t want to sit in the sun or under lights. This will kill those precious cannabinoids and terpenes that give your hemp flower potency, flavors, and therapeutic effects.

Storage container

Lastly, the way you’re storing your hemp flower has a major impact on its shelf life. Plastic baggies may have been the old way of doing things, but we’re wiser now.

Cannabis is building a culture that believes in reclaiming our health through the power of medicinal plants. So, to stay in harmony with this theme and make our CBD flower proud, we have to step in up a notch.

It’s time to make storing hemp flower, as important as drinking your green juice, protein smoothie, or brushing your teeth. Yeah, storage is that important. But, that doesn’t mean it has to be hard. We’re here to help and we think these next tips will simplify things.

How do you store hemp?

There are a few ways to store your hemp. Some decide to keep their flower in the same package it arrived in. This could be a vacuum-sealed bag, a plastic container, or a glass jar, or something else. But, to minimize exposure to the factors mentioned above, we know one way to store your bud that’s superior above the rest.

Best way to store hemp flower

First, let’s talk about the best type of container. Glass is a great option because unlike plastics, it’s more durable and doesn’t have harmful BPA’s. The darker and more opaque the glass, the better. It will help keep light out. Also, you’ll want a glass jar or container that comes with an airtight lid. The lid can either screw-on tight or lock securely into place. These containers are great as they can store moonrocks as well.

Once you’ve identified the container you want, consider buying an inexpensive humidity pack like the ones on Marijuana Packaging. They offer humidity control and also prevent terpenes from losing their potency. This is important because each time you open your stash jar, the terpenes escape. Plus, these packs keep your buds from drying out too much.

Now that you have your jar and humidity pack, it’s time to strategize. Where do you plan to keep your hemp flower?

Remember, you want to avoid any place in your house that gets too exposure much light, moisture, or experiences frequent changes in temperature. Generally, that means the bathroom, kitchen, and garage are not great places.

A cool, dark, dry place, like a cabinet in the hallway, or a drawer in your bedroom could be the best choice.

How to know if your hemp buds went bad?

If you’ve had your current stash for a while now, and didn’t store it properly, you might be asking, “did my hemp buds go bad”? That’s a great question. Here are a few pointers. Look at one or two of the nugs up close. Has the color faded? What about the smell, is it as potent and lovely as it once was? Do you see any traces of mildew or mold?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to toss it out and start fresh!


Now let’s answer some of the most common questions related to storing hemp flower. Also, we’ll take this opportunity to answer some other popular questions we get about CBD flower.

What is the shelf life of hemp flower nugs?

The shelf life of your CBD nugs depends on two major details. You probably know what the first detail is — how you plan to store it. And secondly, whether you bought high quality hemp flower. If you buy hemp flower from a reputable company that sells premium organic CBD nugs and store it the right way, your buds can last up to one year.

But on average, hemp flower has a shorter shelf life because not all buds are high quality, and not everyone utilizes proper storage techniques.

Does CBD lose potency over time?

Yes, through the aging process, hemp flower loses its CBD potency. In fact, it loses its other cannabinoids, like CBG, CBN, CBC, and its terpenes content as well. This is the nature of herbs and other botanicals, not just hemp.

What happens if you put your hemp buds in the freezer?

First off, putting your buds in the freezer isn’t the best idea. Cannabis doesn’t like ice-cold temperatures. And it can cause the buds to become brittle.

Also, when you take it out of the freezer, the flower would need to adjust to room temperature before consuming. It’s hard to say what the state of your flower would be in, but in general, it’s not a great strategy for preserving your stash. As far as edibles go it may not be a bad idea to store them in the refrigerator though.

What are the benefits of hemp flower?

Hemp flower is a great way to get a daily dose of CBD. And smoking is the fastest way to get the benefits of CBD into your system. If you’re not a huge fan of smoking hemp flower, you can still buy some and make an oil or butter from it.

This way you get to decide on the exact CBD strain you want and what oil or butter to use. You can take your hemp infusion and use it in baking recipes and create healthy edibles or a natural beauty topical. The choices are endless and all up to you.

Is it legal to order CBD flower online?

Yes, it’s legal to order CBD flower online if it has less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. This limitation of the THC percentage was put into effect when the 2018 Farm Bill was signed. This is a federal rule, but all states must comply with this percentage as well.

So, if you prefer to have some CBD hemp buds shipped to your door, then buying online is a wonderful way to go.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, storing your hemp flower nugs won’t cost you a lot of money, time, or a headache. It’s simple to do, and only takes a bit of planning before it becomes second nature.

When you make the commitment to preserve your stash, not only will your hemp buds be happy, but you’ll get your money’s worth. Because your flower will remain fresh and great tasting from day one up until the last day you smoke it.