Is Delta-8 A Safe Cannabinoid To Take? — A Close Look Into Delta-8 THC’s Safety

“THC” is a scary acronym for some people. For most of the 20th century, these three letters have been linked with significant side effects like psychosis, panic attacks, and hallucinations. However, as scientists take a more sober approach towards studying delta-9 THC, they say this cannabinoid has a lot of therapeutic uses. 

True, THC could provoke paranoia, but there are a few possible benefits of using this cannabinoid. And it’s not just delta-9 THC that may be helpful. Many people in the hemp community believe delta-8 THC has many of delta-9’s benefits without significant risks.

So, are these hemp advocates telling the truth? Should you feel safe taking delta-8 vape juice? 

Is Delta-8 THC Safer Than Delta-9 THC?

An excellent way to assess delta-8’s safety profile is to compare it with the more familiar delta-9 THC. In fact, most researchers who look into delta-8 are most interested in how it differs from delta-9.

Currently, the University of Buffalo and the University of Michigan have published the largest surveys examining delta-8 usage. Participants in these reports answered various questions on why they used delta-8 and how it affected them. 

Most survey respondents said delta-8 had noticeable euphoric and stress-relieving properties without a significant risk for paranoia. Compared with delta-9 THC, delta-8 appears to be less likely to provoke panic attacks. Study authors concluded delta-8 could potentially offer many of delta-9’s benefits without the increased risk for side effects.

Anecdotally, many people who try delta-8 THC claim it gives them a “body-heavy” sensation similar to a standard indica strain. Customers rarely report feeling “energized” after smoking or vaping delta-8. Instead, this cannabinoid often makes people feel deeply relaxed and sleepy. 

Although delta-8 can trigger side effects, most recent data suggests it’s not as potent as delta-9. This may mean delta-8 is a safe “stepping stone” for people who want to experiment with medical marijuana. Some patients with a low THC tolerance may experience more significant benefits from delta-8 versus delta-9 strains. 

Why Is CBD Considered “Safer” Than Delta-8 THC? 

Even diehard delta-8 fans will have difficulty arguing their favorite cannabinoid is “safer” than CBD. Even though delta-8 isn’t as psychoactive as delta-9, it has intoxicating properties. By contrast, CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid.

CBD will not impair motor function as delta-8 will. You could also take higher doses of CBD without increasing your risk of side effects like hallucinations, paranoia, or severe anxiety. While CBD could trigger side effects, these adverse reactions are usually mild compared with delta-8. 

Plus, since CBD doesn’t give you a “high,” it’s the better option for people who want to remain alert and productive during the day. If you’re going to take a hemp cannabinoid during your workday, CBD is the “safer” bet. 

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Could People With Paranoia Safely Take Delta-8 THC? 

Using delta-8 for paranoia is tricky. On the one hand, many people report great success using delta-8 for anxiety. However, there’s always a risk delta-8 could trigger a panic attack. 

Recent data from the University of Illinois suggests THC’s efficacy largely depends on the dosage. In this trial, scientists examined delta-9’s effect on participants’ anxiety scores. A few people got a low amount of delta-9, while others got a moderate dose. Those who took less delta-9 THC showed a greater improvement in anxiety versus the higher delta-9 group. 

Considering delta-8 may already be less intense than delta-9, low doses of delta-8 should positively affect mood. However, everyone reacts to delta-8 differently, so new paranoia patients need to be cautious with their dosing. 

If I’m Already Taking Medications, Is Delta-8 Safe? 

Like CBD, delta-8 can interact with prescription meds and OTC pills. People on a daily drug regimen shouldn’t add delta-8 to their routine until they speak with a doctor. 

Researchers still don’t know all the intricacies of how cannabinoids alter drug absorption. To be safe, you should avoid taking delta-8 with other medications until you get an “all clear” from your physician. 

What’s The Safest Delta-8 THC Product? 

Most customers argue delta-8 edibles are the “safest” option for newcomers. Gummies take longer to get absorbed by your body, and they will have a reduced potency after they pass through the liver. Both of these factors mean delta-8 gummies have slower-acting and subtler effects. 

Delta-8 vape carts and flowers tend to be too intense for people without prior THC experience. Since the delta-8 in these products goes directly into your lungs, they have a significant impact in just a few seconds. Please only take one puff of delta-8 vape juice and monitor your reaction. 

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Can A New Customer Safely Take Delta-8 THC? 

People who have zero experience with hemp flowers or cannabis should first try non-intoxicating cannabinoids like CBD. Sure, CBD may seem “boring” compared with delta-8, but there’s a reason CBD has become the dominant force in the global hemp market. For many patients, CBD is all they need to feel significant stress relief.

Gaining experience with CBD e-juices and hemp flowers is a great way to prepare for higher-intensity products like delta-8 THC. Delta-8 will always come as a shock compared with CBD, but at least you’ll be familiar with your preferred vaping style beforehand. 

If you feel CBD isn’t giving you the stress relief you want, then you should consider cautiously trying delta-8 products. As mentioned above, delta-8 edibles are incredible for beginners because they have a low absorption rate. Delta-8 gummies will help introduce your body to delta-8 THC without overwhelming your system. 

When you feel ready to experiment with delta-8 THC vape carts or flowers, please be sure it’s late in the day and you have nothing on your schedule. Only take one hit of delta-8 vape juice and see how your body reacts. Also, please never take delta-8 before hopping in your car for a drive. 

The Safest Delta-8 THC Will Always Have High-Quality Screenings! 

People interested in delta-8 must be cautious about what products they buy. Sadly, there are a lot of mislabeled and untested delta-8 extracts in today’s market. Please never trust a delta-8 company that refuses to give you third-party lab test results. 

For transparency, Organic CBD Nugs always publish up-to-date Certificates of Analysis online. We also include third-party lab tests with our hemp-extracted products. Please click this “About Us” link for more information on Organic CBD Nugs’ exceptional standards. 

Common Questions

Is Delta 8 Bad for You?

Delta 8 THC is a relatively safe compound, especially when you use it responsibly. However, like any substance, there are risks involved. The chemicals used in the process of deriving Delta 8 can create potentially harmful by-products. Delta 8 can also react negatively to any existing medications you are on. Additionally, everyone reacts to different substances differently. That’s why it’s best to start in small dosages to gauge the side effects unique to you.

Does delta 8 have harmful chemicals?

Delta 8 is a natural compound with natural chemicals that create psychoactive effects. Typically, this is not harmful for people who use it responsibly. The harmful chemicals that can exist in a Delta 8 product are usually by-products of the chemicals used to extract Delta 8 THC. Chemists generally use heptane or toluene with p-toluenesulfonic acid to convert CBD to Delta 8. 

Is Delta 8 Addictive?

It can be. If you have an addictive personality, you can easily get addicted to Delta 8 THC side effects. People who consume regular high doses can also experience mild addiction. However, when compared to stimulants, opiates, or other addictive substances, such as nicotine, it is not nearly as addictive. 

Can Delta-8 THC Kill You?

No, Delta 8 THC will not cause an overdose and it isn’t poisonous to adults. However, you can experience negative side effects, such as vomiting or dizziness. You typically don’t hear about Delta 8 THC or CBD overdoses because fatal overdoses don’t occur as a result of consuming cannabinoids. Having said that, you have to be careful what other harmful chemicals are in your product. For example, vitamin E acetate in vape cartridges is linked to a deadly lung illness when inhaled. Quality products will not use vitamin E acetate. 

Is Delta 8 Bad for Your Heart?

Generally, Delta 8 THC isn’t bad for your heart. However, it can elevate your heart rate and blood pressure. These effects can be unsafe for anyone with cardiovascular diseases, especially when consuming Delta 8 in the inhaled form.