Clearing Up Cannabigerol – Everything You Need To Know About CBG Flower

It’s no secret that Organic CBD Nugs believes in CBD’s healing potential. After all, “CBD” is in our brand’s name! However, our commitment to CBD doesn’t mean we’re unaware of the latest breakthroughs in hemp research. Quite the contrary; Organic CBD Nugs is deeply interested in how secondary cannabinoids influence a person’s hemp smoking experience.

Of the many lesser-known cannabinoids, one name has caught our attention: cannabigerol (CBG). In fact, Organic CBD Nugs is so fascinated by this “mother cannabinoid” that we’ve developed a CBG-heavy hemp hybrid. As you learn more about CBG’s unique properties, you’ll understand why we’ve invested so much time and effort into our CBG Jack Frost cultivar.

What Makes CBG Such A Unique Cannabinoid?

Without a doubt, the key reason people are interested in CBG has to do with its “stem cell status.” Interestingly, CBG “gives birth” to many of the other hemp cannabinoids we enjoy.

For instance, there would be no CBD or delta-9 THC without CBG. According to the latest research, hemp seedlings have heavy traces of CBG-A. As cannabis matures, this acidic form of CBG transforms into CBD-A, THC-A, or secondary cannabinoids like CBC-A. By the time farmers harvest a mature hemp plant, there’s usually no more than 1 percent CBG left.

Since CBG is the precursor to so many other cannabinoids, it will likely play a role in understanding the cannabis plant’s fascinating growth cycle. This info could prove extremely valuable in fields like cannabis cultivation, extraction, and manufacturing.

What Does The Research Say On CBG’s Effects?

OK, CBG is pretty cool from a chemical standpoint, but what does that mean for consumers? Unfortunately, there’s not much evidence on CBG’s effects, especially compared with more popular cannabinoids like CBD. However, the scant data we have on CBG suggests this cannabinoid could have phenomenal physiological potential.

For instance, researchers from the University of Aberdeen say CBG might reduce intraocular pressure. This may help explain why some cannabis advocates promote using certain strains for glaucoma.

Another set of studies out of Italy suggest CBG could reduce bladder and bowel spasms. If these results turn out to be accurate, then CBG might be able to help with a wide range of conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, overactive bladder, and prostatitis.

As a disclaimer: most of these trials examined CBG’s effects on lab mice. It will probably take years before we understand how CBG works on the human endocannabinoid system.

Why Isn’t CBG As Well-Known As CBD?

At this point, you may be thinking, “If CBG has so much potential, then why is it overshadowed by CBD?” The short answer is simple: money.

Remember, there’s usually no more than 1 percent CBG in mature hemp strains. On average, extractors need to use about 10-times the amount of hemp flower to produce a vial of CBG oil versus CBD. As you could imagine, this significantly drives up the price of CBG oil.

However, as more people clamor for info on CBG, some cultivators have begun experimenting with novel growing techniques. For instance, some farmers deliberately cut their cannabis plants in the early stages before CBG converts to CBD.

Hopefully, as more people learn about CBG’s potential, it will be easier for scientists and customers to get their hands on high-quality products.

Since Some CBG Turns Into THC, Will It Get You High?

CBG may be the precursor to delta-9 THC, but it doesn’t share the latter’s psychoactive effects. Indeed, many people who try our CBG flower say the results are remarkably similar to CBD cultivars.

That being said, we don’t recommend smoking any of our hemp strains before going in for a drug screening. Although we lab-verify all of our products have ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC, everyone metabolizes cannabinoids at different speeds. So, there’s a chance some THC molecules could be in your bloodstream when you give your urine sample.

How Could Customers Test CBG’s Effects?

If you’re interested in giving CBG a go, the most cost-effective way is to smoke or vape high-CBG flower. While there are a few CBG tinctures hitting store shelves, they tend to cost a pretty penny. Since our CBG hemp flower doesn’t require fancy extraction technologies, they offer consumers the cheapest way to try CBG.

Plus, people who smoke or vape our CBG flower get to take full advantage of the “entourage effect.” According to this theory, the cannabinoids in hemp strains work together to produce a heightened therapeutic effect. While there’s still conflicting data on this phenomenon, many tokers say that smoking hemp flower is the most potent way to experience cannabinoids like CBG and CBD.

CBD, CBG, Or Delta-8 THC – We’ve Got It All On Organic CBD Nugs!

On Organic CBD Nugs, we strive to provide customers with the broadest range of up-to-date hemp products. As you explore our portfolio, you’ll soon realize we’re way more than a glorified CBD flower shop. Anyone who wants to try rare cannabinoids like CBG or delta-8 THC can find high-quality flower and vape carts in our catalog.