3 Kings Strain Review

With hundreds of cannabis strains to choose from, how do you decide on just one? Or even a few? Trial and error or word of mouth are good options, but there are better ways to find your perfect match. One way is to read a review that discusses all the characteristics of a strain, like its aroma, tastes, effects, and genetic profile.

That’s exactly what we’re going to give you in this article, and the spotlighted strain of the day is none other than — 3 Kings.

History & Genetics of the 3 Kings Strain

Any guesses on the origin story of a strain called 3 Kings? Is it biblical, movie-related, or something else? The answer is — it’s something else entirely.

3 Kings is the ingenious genetic crossing of three very prominent cannabis strains that have strong potencies, flavors, and effects. They are Headband, OG Kush, and Sour Diesel. These three well-respected kings came together to form an undeniable bond, which is evidenced by its stellar specs.

Before jumping into the nitty-gritty, let’s first give a short introduction on each of the parents that took part in birthing this incredible cannabis plant.

First, is Headband. Whether you’ve worn a headband during a sporting event or casually, you know the feeling of taking it off. That relief is pure bliss and that’s the type of feeling you get when smoking Headband. What’s cool about this strain is that it’s a cross of the other two parents of 3 Kings — OG Kush and Sour Diesel. And it’s a potent hybrid strain that offers a great balance of cerebral and physical effects.

Next up is OG Kush. It’s an Indica dominant strain with a 75/25 ratio. Even though one would think it’s only good for pain or couch lock, it actually promotes happiness and is uplifting. And its piney smell and taste is something it passed down to 3 Kings.

The last and final strain of this magnanimous trifecta is Sour Diesel. It’s a fast-acting Sativa-dominant flower with strong lemony and diesel-like aromas. It wipes out fatigue, depression, and stress and replaces them with euphoria and joy.

Appearance & Aroma

Because of the Sativa dominance of 3 Kings, the dried, trimmed buds are fairly long and thin but have a nice density to them. Not in a heavy way, but in a full and complete way. The greens on the nugs are true to Sativa type strains.

They have a sea of light to mid hunter greens, with splashes of lime green. And the hairs are a gorgeous amber-brown color and they weave all throughout the flower, from top to bottom. In addition, the buds are beautifully adorned with shining frosty trichomes that give the flower its strong potency.

As for the aroma, 3 Kings does not disappoint. The properly cured buds have a vibrant smell that will fill your nostrils with love and leave a divine smelling cloud of smoke in the air. The most dominant smells include notes of citrus, diesel, pine, and earth. It gets a little bit of everything in the aroma department from its sensational parent strains.


The high that 3 Kings produces has been described by veteran cannabis users as impressive and well-balanced. On paper, it’s a Sativa-dominant strain at 70/30, but it displays a hybrid of effects for both the mind and body. It has strong cerebral effects but not too excessive where you’ll be flying off into space or dealing with paranoid thoughts.

It’s a lot more gentle than that. Instead of bringing too much force, it leaves you feeling happy and joyful. Users smoke this strain when they want to relax, chill, and leave stress behind. It’s impossible to worry when consuming this flower because it takes you to a euphoric oasis, where time is irrelevant and only peace exists.

In other words, it takes you out of a slump, or from stressing about the future. It brings you back to the present moment, while also making you feel utterly elated and one with all things.

And these effects remain steady, they don’t come and go in a flash. They come on intense, yet welcomed and have long-lasting qualities. When the high does wear off, it’s a smooth and gentle process. Letting you enjoy what you just experienced, or giving you a chance to take some more hits from your joint or bong.

Although 3 Kings makes a wonderful daytime and recreational smoke, it’s also used by many medical patients for its incredible healing abilities. People who suffer from depression, pain, fatigue, nausea, or headaches find immense relief with this flower. It’s also a strain people seek out who have PTSD or chronic stress.

Although this plant can work for different types of people, it could be a little strong for cannabis beginners, even with its medium strength potency of 16% to 18% THC. This isn’t high compared to many other strains these days, but the genetics make it one powerful plant nonetheless.

Growing info

Let’s cut to the chase. Growing this plant is not for beginners because it grows fairly large and tall, which means it needs proper support and therefore takes some expertise. Also, it doesn’t fare well against pests or mold, so that will have to get factored into the cultivating plan.

But all that aside, if you have the confidence and experience to grow 3 Kings, she will reward you with lots of great smokable buds. The strain does well indoors or out but prefers a warm, temperate climate. If you live in a region with this type of weather you can expect a harvest around mid-October and a yield of 650 to 680 grams per plant.

When grown indoors, under a controlled environment, this plant can generate 480 to 580 grams per M2. And it has a pretty quick flowering time for being Sativa-dominant. She’s in full bloom within 9 to 10 weeks.

Tasting notes

The taste of this strain gives you a lot of different notes. It offers earthiness from its OG Kush parent and tangy, diesel-like flavors from Sour Diesel. Also, there are subtle hints of lemon and pine as you exhale.

For a more intensive flavor offering, try using a dry herb vaporizer which preserves the flavors better than a joint.

Who can benefit from consuming 3 Kings?

Any and all cannabis smokers, but in particular, it’s geared towards moderate to experienced users. That’s because its effects have a good amount of intensity. If you’ve smoked THC strains before and want to feel completely at ease and in harmony with everything around you, 3Kings can benefit you.

Also, if you’re the kind of person who gets stressed easily, or takes on too much with work, family, or personal projects, then the relaxing and happy body buzz could make all your troubles fade away.

For some users, the high gives them spunky energy, without feeling jittery or spacy. It keeps them clear-headed and focused. It makes life seem a little bit easier and carefree and creates a feeling of peace and lightheartedness. In short, 3 Kings is one of the reasons people started smoking cannabis in the first place. It promotes magnificent euphoria and relaxation in the body that’s only attained within the realm of cannabis plants.