Acid Rock Strain Review

It’s not often a strain comes around that causes your jaw to drop, your nose to smile, and your soul to laugh in a happy, yet peaceful way. That’s because it’s rare to experience all these wonderful emotions from a single hemp strain. But, that’s what Acid Rock is all about.

With its special set of effects, you can smoke or vape her any time of the day or night because they’re not dominant one way or the other. To learn more about the genetics, aromas, growing qualities, and other attributes of the strain, check of this in-depth review of Acid Rock.

History & Genetics of the Acid Rock Strain

Acid Rock is the result of crossing two high CBD, low THC strains — Suzy Q and River Rock. It got its start in Colorado by hemp breeders who had the vision to create a visually stunning, aromatic, uplifting, yet deeply relaxing flower for all to enjoy. Choosing these two strains as the parents was a wise move to accomplish this vision because each of them has a vast terpene profile and a varied number of cannabinoids.

Each of these strains ranges in CBD concentrations from 13 to 16%, which contributes to the moderate CBD levels of the Acid Rock buds. But, don’t let the number fool you into thinking this isn’t a potent strain, because it absolutely is. The chemical profiles, as mentioned earlier, are diverse and play a major role in the strength and brilliance of the effects.

Appearance & Aroma

When you hold a bud of Acid Rock in your hand it will feel almost weightless. It’s like a big fluffy cloud that’s airy, yet dense enough to offer up high-quality smokable nugs. If you’re familiar with Sativa-dominant cannabis strains then you’ll know exactly what this bud looks like before fixing your eyes on it in real-time. However, for those unfamiliar with Sativa plants, we’ll go into more depth on the physical attributes of this strain.

As you observe a dried and cured Acid Rock bud up close or even from a slight distance, you’ll notice orange creamsicle-colored hairs that provide a lovely contrast to its green and yellow hues. More specifically, the colors are bright lime green with a variety of gorgeous yellow and golden tones.

Also, they have a lot of white, powdery, and shiny trichomes that adorn the nugs like crystals under the sunlight. This lets you know you’re in for a real treat with a solid potency.

In sum, this plant has a refined fierceness that draws you in with her sweet, yet seductive nature. You’ll find it hard to peel your eyes away.


As a CBD-dominant flower, it’s worth stating that this plant shares many of the common characteristics that cannabidiol offers so many. That includes bringing peace to a mind that’s burdened by stressful thoughts, and support to a body feeling the strains of that stress.

Also, as you consume the plant via smoking or ingestion, it works to relieve tension and pain within your body. And, like the powers of CBD that many before you have come to know and love, the buds on this strain can calm nerves and diminish anxiety. Before it even rears its ugly head.

On top of all these wonderful qualities, the unique effects of Acid Rock, include a mental and euphoric buzz that’s mild in nature, yet still very apparent and noticeable. This means you can smoke in the daytime and not worry about strong sedative effects that will make you sleepy or unmotivated.

This energetic, happiness-factor can help you start your Monday off on the right foot, with a positive mindset and cheerful mood. It’s also good when you’re feeling the need for a little pick-me-up. So you can get your chores done around the house, or your errands completed before dark.

And it’s one of those buds you’ll love to smoke on a weekend to help get into your creative flow when time and space disappear and all that surrounds you is bliss. In short, smoking Acid Rock helps you calmly ride and navigate the ebbs and flows of life. But without worry or fear, it takes all that away.

Growing info

Lots of growers prefer to cultivate this strain indoors, year-round. However, you can still yield successful harvests if you want to grow her outside. If taking the plant outdoors, she can grow in humid or dry conditions and will have more abundant harvests compared to growing inside.

But, there are other advantages to growing Acid Rock indoors, like controlling several environmental factors. This includes the light cycle, temperature settings, humidity conditions, and pest control.

As a plant that flowers quickly and grows wide and low, she reaches heights of around 4 to 6 feet. Given her rapid growth, you can expect a short flowering cycle of a mere 8 weeks. And finally, the yields can vary based on the nutrients you give and the feeding schedule you choose.

Also, harvests can range from 1 to 2 pounds per plant, which largely depends on whether you select an indoor or outdoor growing environment.

Since CBD follows a different life cycle than THC, you’ll want to harvest your plants a bit earlier, around a week before you would a high THC cannabis strain. So, if your plants are outside that means chopping them down in early October.

Tasting notes

Like the aroma of this strain, the tastes are mind-blowing. Acid Rock has a tangy and tart citrus profile of lemon juice paired with down-to-earth herbaceous undertones. Even more, there’s a rough and tough eccentric element of diesel fuel that heightens the other flavors when you smoke these buds.

We can thank the ingenious genetics and incredible terpene profile for this. If you want to maximize the flavors to their full potential, use a vaporizer or glass bong. These devices were engineered to preserve flavors. Smoking from a pipe or joint will still supply these insatiable flavors but to a lesser degree.

Who can benefit from consuming Acid Rock?

Anyone who enjoys the ritual of smoking cannabis, but wants a non-psychoactive, non-cerebral, clear-headed experience may benefit from Acid Rock. This also applies if you prefer to vape or consume your hemp flower in the tincture, oil, or edible form.

Since this insight applies to most high CBD, low THC strains, let’s get more specific about the benefits of Acid Rock on a stand-alone basis.

As you’ve learned, this flower is great if you like hemp plants with strong genetics, a unique and beautiful eye-catching appearance, and tantalizing aromas. Even more, if you’re a cannabis connoisseur and appreciate the major cannabinoids and therapeutic superpowers of terpenes, then you’ll love Acid Rock.

Final thoughts

Thanks to the legal environment and continuing support for cannabis flower and other hemp-derived CBD products, having access to safe, potent medicine is more available than ever. In recent times, at least.

This is wonderful news for all of you who want to take advantage of “plants as medicine”. After all plants like hemp have our best interest at heart and work in harmony with the body and mind to provide balancing effects that serve our highest good.

Overall, Acid Rock is a fantastic option to include in your health and well-being routine.