Blue Cookies Strain Review

If you love iconic indicas, then you’ve got to “bake” a few Blue Cookies buds. Made with two of the most hyped indica hybrids, Blue Cookies has received plenty of attention for its dense nugs and incredible THC content.

But it’s not just the high THC that’s got cannasseurs chatting. These delicate buds have a delectable flavor that deftly combines GSC’s dank earthiness with Blueberry’s bright fruitiness. Add in a strong reputation with the medical marijuana community, and you could see why Blue Cookies is so in-demand nowadays.

Although Blue Cookies might be hard to find, it’s an essential hybrid for those who love sweet and earthy indicas. People looking for a potent after-dinner strain shouldn’t pass on this batch of cookies.

Blue Cookies’ Genotype – Intense Indica Icons

Despite Blue Cookies’ “high” status, there are still questions over this strain’s origins. Indeed, some cultivators claim Blue Cookies is the result of a Durban Poison phenotype fused with Florida OG. However, the more widely accepted theory is that Blue Cookies is a mix of Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry. Not only would the GSC x Blueberry genotype explain Blue Cookies’ name, but it makes a lot of sense considering this strain’s fruity flavors.

Both GSC and Blueberry are uber-famous indica-dominant hybrids in their own right. Of these two, Blueberry has a higher indica percentage, hence more substantial couchlock sedation. GSC, on the other hand, has more balanced effects.

You could probably already guess what flavors predominate in both GSC and Blueberry. In the case of GSC, you’ll pick up a sweet scent reminiscent of cookie dough and plenty of earthy aromatics. On the other hand, Blueberry has potent fruity flavors with a hint of vanilla.

Another feature both GSC and Blueberry share is high THC. These strains routinely average 20 – 25 percent THC, which is reflected in Blue Cookies’ elevated cannabinoid count. Get this: there are some Blue Cookies phenotypes with THC percentages clocking in at 28 percent. Anyone prone to paranoia must approach all three of these strains with extreme caution.

Are Blue Cookies And Blueberry Cookies The Same Strain?

As you delve into the world of cannabis strain names, you’ll soon discover many hybrids have fun (albeit confusing) nicknames. To make matters worse, sometimes completely different strains have similar-sounding names.

For example, Blue Cookies and Blueberry Cookies may look the same, but they are not identical. Indeed, Blueberry Cookies is made with a fusion of GSC Thin Mint and a 50/50 hybrid known as Blueberry Tahoe. Compared with Blue Cookies, Blueberry Cookies offers a milder, indica-heavy high with average THC percentages in the high teens.

While these distinctions might not seem like a big deal, they could have a significant impact on your smoking session.

What Do Blue Cookies Buds Look Like?

It’s true, Blue Cookies could have beautiful blue leaves! Well, chances are your Blue Cookies phenotype will have a purple hue—but that’s close enough, right? Blue Cookies flowers also usually have plenty of reddish pistils and light green leaves, both of which make this indica immensely pleasing to look at.

As an indica dominant strain, expect Blue Cookies plants to grow short with dense nugs. Blue Cookies also usually has a heavy resin production, making it difficult to break apart without a high-quality grinder. Be prepared to get sticky fingers when handling well-cured Blue Cookies buds!

Serene, But Not Overly Sedating – Blue Cookies Standard Effects

Since Blue Cookies leans on the indica side, you should expect a classic “body high” sensation. While it’s not as sedating as a purebred indica, Blue Cookies can induce sleepiness when taken at higher quantities. For this reason, it’s best to reserve this strain for after-dinner use—at least until you learn how your body reacts.

Although Blue Cookies tends to induce a relaxing body high, please don’t forget it has some of GSC’s sativa qualities. Indeed, it’s not uncommon for employees to use Blue Cookies on a sneaky lunch break vape. Blue Cookies is also a fine choice for social settings, provided you don’t overdo it.

On the other hand, patients struggling with insomnia might want to experiment with taking Blue Cookies at higher doses. Indeed, Blue Cookies has become a celebrity strain in medical marijuana dispensaries. Many patients use Blue Cookies buds late in the day to combat various conditions, including aches & pains, fibromyalgia, and anxiety.

Please keep in mind that Blue Cookies isn’t a beginner-friendly strain. With THC hovering near 30 percent, just a few hits of Blue Cookies could send you sky-high. Inexperienced tokers or people prone to paranoia shouldn’t try Blue Cookies until they know how cannabis affects them.

An Earthy Treat – Blue Cookies Flavor Profile

Blue Cookies has a complicated mix of flavors, but most fall into one of two categories: earthy or sweet. Of course, Blueberry supplies most of this hybrid’s sweet notes, which includes traces of fresh berry, citrus, and vanilla bean. GSC also provides some sugary sweetness, but it mainly contributes earthy flavors like pine, woods, and skunk.

Although this mix of flavors may sound strange, users often describe Blue Cookies as incredibly tasty and smooth. Those who don’t like harsh hash-like strains will most enjoy Blue Cookies’ sweet and earthy profile.

Are Blue Cookies Seeds Difficult To Grow?

Arguably, the most challenging part of growing Blue Cookies is finding a batch of high-quality seeds. Although feminized Blue Cookies seeds are on the market, it’s usually easier to purchase clone clippings from reputable breeders. Be sure to take extra care reviewing your chosen seed bank before splurging on a pack of Blue Cookies seeds.

Once you have your Blue Cookies seeds, you need to create a grow environment with mild temps between 70 – 75° F. Outdoor cultivators should plant Blue Cookies seeds in a Mediterranean zone for optimal harvests.

It’s also worth noting this strain’s brilliant blue hues won’t appear naturally. If you want this distinctive feature on your Blue Cookies buds, you’ll have to expose your plants to a few chilly nights. The slightly below-average temps will stimulate the production of beautiful purple pigments. Those who feel confident about trying this trick should do so in the mid to late vegetative stage.

Luckily for home-growers, Blue Cookies seeds are usually ready to harvest in only 8 – 9 weeks. Blue Cookies plants tend to grow between 3 – 5 feet, and they have an average yield of between 1.2 – 1.6 oz per ft2.

Do Blue Cookies Have CBD?

Unless you’ve been living in a cave over the past decade, chances are you know about CBD. Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that’s been federally legal since the passage of the 2018 US Farm Bill. Even though there’s a lot we don’t know about CBD’s effects, worldwide demand for this hemp-derived compound has gone parabolic.

Now that CBD is mainstream, many tokers are interested in which hybrids have the highest CBD concentrations. In the case of Blue Cookies, average CBD levels clock in at 1 – 2 percent, which is average for most marijuana strains. However, since Blue Cookies has such a substantial THC percentage, it’s often challenging for smokers to notice CBD’s subtle effects.

People who are interested in high-CBD hybrids aren’t the best fit for Blue Cookies. However, as demand for high-CBD strains increases, please keep your eyes peeled for CBD-heavy Blue Cookies cultivars.

Bake Your First Batch Of Blue Cookies Buds!

As mentioned above, Blue Cookies is a relatively rare strain to come by. Unless you live on the American West Coast, you might have difficulty getting your hands on this intense indica strain. However, as demand for Blue Cookies increases, it’s likely more breeders will put out fantastic versions of this hybrid. If you have the opportunity, it’s worth the extra effort to seek out this incredible indica strain.