Bubba Kush Strain Review

Bubba Kush is a strain you should have on hand for those days you’re pushed to the breaking point. No matter how much negativity the world throws your way, Bubba Kush always manages to burst all those stress bubbles. With its high THC content and strong indica genetics, this nighttime strain is ideal for relieving anxiety and inducing slumber.

Anyone who loves body-heavy effects and spicy Kush aromatics will go gaga for these Bubba Kush buds. See for yourself why this hybrid remains a staple after nearly three decades.

From NOLA To LA – The Mysterious Birth Of Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush made its first appearance on the West Coast in the mid-1990s. Unfortunately, that’s all we know for sure about this strain’s beginnings. While there are many myths surrounding this hybrid’s origins, we still don’t have any hard evidence.

Today, the most widely accepted story behind Bubba Kush is as follows: a Californian breeder got his hands on a novel indica strain while traveling in New Orleans. After enjoying the colorful Mardi Gras festivities, this mysterious cultivator returned to LA and crossed the NOLA indica with OG Kush. The result of this fusion was the Bubba Kush that’s still around today.

OK, we know that story sounds a bit fantastic, but it contains a grain of truth. Everyone in the cannabis community agrees that Bubba Kush has significant traces of OG Kush. Since OG Kush plays a substantial role in Bubba Kush, it’s worth reviewing this Cali favorite.

OG Kush – Top-Shelf West Coast Weed

Arguably, OG Kush is the most influential indica-heavy hybrid to come out of Southern California. There are now dozens of exceptional cultivars that owe at least partial allegiance to this monster Kush hybrid. So, what makes OG Kush so unique?

For starters, OG Kush has a reliably high THC count in the 19 – 25 percent range. This hybrid also has a 75/25 indica-to-sativa ratio, which produces a satisfyingly well-balanced high. Although this earthy strain comes on hard, it quickly mellows out thanks to the indica genetics. This fusion of relaxation and euphoria makes OG Kush a perennial favorite at parties.

While Bubba Kush leans further to the indica side, it does share some of these mild sativa qualities. You’ll probably notice the OG Kush lineage as you experience Bubba Kush’s initial head-rush high.

Northern Lights vs. Bubba Kush: How Similar Are They?

As we’ve already mentioned, nobody’s sure what strain was crossed with OG Kush to produce Bubba Kush. Our best guess is that Bubba Kush has some traces of the indica Northern Lights, but there’s still debate over this issue.

We may never know if Northern Lights is in Bubba Kush, but both of these strains are remarkably similar. Indeed, both of these hybrids have high THC content, dense buds, and almost 100 percent indica genetics. However, that doesn’t mean you could use these strains interchangeably.

Compared with Bubba Kush, Northern Lights offers a heavier “couchlock” effect that’s best reserved for people struggling with insomnia. Tokers also report Northern Lights has a more “earthy” flavor, while Bubba Kush has spicy aromatics typical of Kush strains.

People who want a heavy indica experience will undoubtedly prefer Northern Lights. However, if you want a slight sativa lift from the OG Kush lineage, we’d suggest starting with Bubba Kush.

Small Buds, Big Trichomes – Bubba Kush Appearance

Bubba Kush has many of the traits you’d expect from an indica-heavy hybrid. For instance, the buds on this plant are super dense. Bubba Kush also grows relatively short at around 5 – 6 feet.

The leaves on Bubba Kush are usually dark green with occasional shades of purple. Amber pistils are also standard on well-cured Bubba Kush buds.

Lastly, Bubba Kush buds are well-known for their thick layer of white trichomes. Indeed, one theory why breeders named this strain “Bubba” has to do with its sticky “bubble gum” texture. You’ll want to use a high-quality grinder if you’ve got good Bubba buds!

An Inner Spa Session – Bubba Kush’s Relaxing Effects

Bubba Kush is all about relaxation. At first, Bubba Kush eases mental strain with a gentle head-rush sensation. After a few minutes, you should notice this relaxing vibe trickle down your spine. As Bubba Kush blots out all your worries, you’ll enjoy a deep sense of contentment and restful ease.

Depending on your smoking experience, you might feel ready for bed after a few hits of this strain. However, don’t forget Bubba Kush has subtle sativa traces from OG Kush. This faint sativa presence gives Bubba Kush a palpable sense of euphoria that’s not present in purebred indicas.

Because Bubba Kush has a heavy indica presence, it’s best to reserve this strain for late in the day. If it’s your first-time trying Bubba Kush, please be sure you have nothing on your schedule for the rest of the night. People who aren’t used to high-THC strains should also approach Bubba Kush with caution.

Holy Hashish! – Bubba Kush’s Spicy Flavors

Like most strains in the Kush lineage, Bubba Kush has intense spicy aromatics reminiscent of black pepper. Be prepared for a hash-like sensation as you first inhale this strain. People who are prone to coughing fits might want to keep a bottle of water nearby.

Although these distinctive Kush flavors predominate, it’s also common for Bubba Kush tokers to taste a blend of bitter coffee and rich dark chocolate. If you pay careful attention on the exhale, you might also pick up faint traces of diesel, pine, and citrus.

Is Bubba Kush A Beginner-Friendly Grow?

Bubba Kush is considered a moderately difficult strain to grow at home. You need to provide your plants with plenty of light in a reliably warm, dry climate for optimal yields. If you’re growing indoors, set your temperature to between 70 – 80° F. Although outdoor growing isn’t recommended, Bubba Kush will perform well in a Mediterranean zone.

A big complaint that cultivators have with Bubba Kush has to do with its intense feeding schedule. Indoor growers should be well-stocked with cal-mag supplements and nitrogen to avoid nutrient deficiencies.

When it’s time to harvest, expect Bubba Kush to yield about 1 ounce per ft2. Even though that’s a lower-than-average return, remember that you don’t need much Bubba Kush to have a significant effect. Plus, this strain has a ridiculously short flowering schedule at only 8 – 9 weeks.

If you’re interested in getting the most out of your Bubba Kush plants, you should consider planting them in a hydroponics unit. Although hydroponics is more demanding than soil growing, it usually produces the highest yield.

As a final word of warning, Bubba Kush gives off a pronounced “hash-like” aroma that’s notoriously difficult to cover-up. If discretion is important to you, please invest in a high-quality carbon air filter.

Bubba Kush Side Effects

The most commonly reported side effects with Bubba Kush include dry eyes and an increased appetite. Interestingly, many people use Bubba Kush to help stimulate the “munchies” when they feel nauseated. For a more comfortable smoking experience, keep an eyedropper and a few snacks on standby before lighting your Bubba Kush joints.

Like many other high-THC strains, Bubba Kush could induce paranoia and dizziness when taken at high doses. Anxiety patients should approach Bubba Kush with caution.

Soothe Your Brain With The Bubba Kush Strain

For many tokers, Bubba Kush is the go-to strain after a grueling workday. The inner serenity associated with this indica makes it an ideal late-night smoke. No matter how stressed out you feel, Bubba Kush will leave you with a sense of inner peace. Give a few Bubba buds a try the next time you feel overwhelmed. Trust us, your brain will thank you.