Grape Ape Strain Review

Whether you’re new to cannabis strains, or on the lookout for critically-acclaimed, cream of the crop strains to add to your medicine cabinet, Grape Ape will catch your attention. It has a fascinating lineage, was created by one of the best breeders in the industry, and has a long list of health-related effects.

Plus, it’s the type of flower that smells out-of-this-world amazing. And the kind of plant you can cultivate if you have some growing experience. When done well, she will reward you with dense, plentiful buds full of potent and tasty medicine.

Let’s dive right into the Grape Ape review.

History & Genetics of the Grape Ape Strain

Born from the genius of breeder Bret Bogue, Grape Ape has a legendary status among cannabis connoisseurs. After all, the strain resulted from crossing Mendocino Purps, Skunk #1, and Afghani. These are some of the most influential Indica and hybrid strains on the planet.

Therefore, Grape Ape is an Indica dominant strain that produces fat, dense nugs, and medical-grade effects. Plus, it has a sexy combination of grape and berry flavors and aromas.

This strain took the cannabis world by storm after Bret developed it during 2004, the same year he founded his seed bank, Apothecary Genetics.

Shortly after its arrival on the cannabis scene, it won first place at the Seattle Green Cup in 2005 and 2006. It also won the Lake County Cup in 2006. Even more, the concentrated form of this strain, Grape Ape Wax, received the first place title at the Denver Medical Cannabis Cup in 2011.

It’s no stranger to the national or global stage, and for that, it’s admired and cherished by Indica fans everywhere.

Appearance & Aroma

Due to its genetic makeup, the buds on the Grape Ape strain have deep purple hues. As the plant reaches the late stages of flowering, there are dark purple and green sugar leaves that engulf the bud, for an epic visual experience. In true Indica fashion, the nugs are tight and super dense.

Although the stems are thick as well, the heaviness of the fat buds makes them fall or break off the stem easily. Also, the buds have bright orange hairs that appear to have a rusty color amidst the deep sea of dark purples and green hues of the flower. Finally, this strain produces gorgeous crystals that compliment the nugs and make them very potent.

As for the aroma, it has a grape-like smell. No surprise there, right? After all the strain’s called Grape Ape. The light and crisp smell is a divine treat for the senses. Besides grape, it also brings the scent of berries into the mix. With its Skunk genetics, you may catch hints of skunk as well, but only in a subtle and awesome way.


With THC levels that peak into the low to mid 20 percent range, the effects can be strong for someone new to smoking cannabis. However, the remedy for this is to start slow and give yourself time to establish a tolerance level. Those who are veteran smokers will still feel the strong potency because of its fabulous lineage and diverse terpene profile.

As a medical-grade strain, the effects of smoking Grape Ape help eradicate pain, minimize physical, emotional, and mental stress. They also reduce anxiety-like symptoms and can put you to sleep if you consume enough in one sitting. Other powerful outcomes include an increase in appetite for someone without one and the reduction of PTSD symptoms.

Although the strain is medical in nature with an Indica dominance, smoking it can also deliver cerebral, heady sensations. Users describe them as mildly euphoric, clear-headed, and can improve their concentration.

Also, there’s a deep internal balancing action that puts people at ease in a happy, content way. The relief of knowing that everything’s going to be alright has the power to put a smile on your face. In short, this flower has some serious magic.

To recap, it’s good to smoke Grape Ape after a long stressful day of work. It’s amazing at easing sore muscles after a gym workout and great for managing uncomfortable symptoms that stem from anxiety and PTSD. This strain can be a reliable friend that helps you eat a solid meal when your appetite is low. And can catch you up on much-needed rest by helping you fall and stay asleep.

Growing Info

You can be successful growing Grape Ape indoors or out. If planning to grow outdoors use a covered space, such as a greenhouse. The controlled environment will help prevent moisture from rotting the buds. But if your goal is to produce massive flowers, then growing indoors is where it’s at.

Because of the Indica dominance of this strain, the plant grows medium in height and is bushy and wide. The plant has a quick flowering cycle of 7 to 8 weeks and can yield moderate to large harvests.

Tasting Notes

The way you consume this flower will impact the tastes you experience. If you want to enjoy the full terpene profile, which includes myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, pinene, and humulene, then pack some of this ground-up bud in your dry herb vaporizer. By vaping with Grape Ape, the delicious grape juice and grape jolly rancher flavors will shine through. The sweet, fruitiness is more prominent than the skunky undertones.

When smoking from a joint or your bowl, the flavors aren’t as strong as described when vaping, but they’re still wonderful.

Is Grape Ape a Good Strain & Who is it Best For?

Grape Ape has made people smile, it’s taken away their stress, and helped them fight insomnia for over a decade. So yeah, we’d say it’s awesome. And those are only a few of its effects. When you also consider the aromas, quick flowering time, tight dense nugs, and sweet tasting notes, it’s a winner all the way around.

It’s a great smoke for anyone who loves Indica strains or those who want the physical and cerebral effects it provides.