Ice Cream Cake Strain Review

Forget bingeing on bowl after bowl of fatty ice cream. Instead, light up a “bowl” of ultra-sweet, sugar-free Ice Cream Cake nugs! While this cannabis strain has zero calories, we guarantee you’re in for a delectable treat on-par with the real deal.

Hey, we’ve got nothing against ice cream, but last we checked it wasn’t exactly a “superfood.” Smoking an Ice Cream Cake joint offers tokers a (somewhat) guilt-free way to indulge their sweet tooth. Plus, since this is an indica dominant strain, it’s ideal for use after dinner. Anyone who wants a vanilla-sweet, body-heavy high won’t be disappointed with Ice Cream Cake buds.

Ice Cream Cake’s Genotype

Like any other hybrids, you could learn a lot about Ice Cream Cake by looking at its parents. It probably comes as no surprise this sweet hybrid owes its existence to two sugary strains: Wedding Cake and Gelato #33.

It doesn’t take an expert connaisseur to guess what these parent strains taste like on their own. While Wedding Cake provides the vanilla and sugar, Gelato #33 gives Ice Cream Cake its creamy and slightly cheesy aromatics. If you get a whiff of citrus in your Ice Cream Cake strain, then you could probably trace it back to Gelato #33.

Both Wedding Cake and Gelato #33 are classified as indica dominant, but Wedding Cake’s sedating effects play a bigger role in Ice Cream Cake. These strains also have an average THC content of around 20 percent, which translates to colossal THC content in Ice Cream Cake.

Ice Cream Cake’s Appearance

Like real dairy desserts, Ice Cream Cake buds glisten with an incredibly rich layer of white trichomes. As is common with indica cultivars, these flowers are densely packed with a moderate to heavy resin coating.

To complement this strain’s “frozen” theme, Ice Cream Cake frequently has dark-colored flowers that range from dark green to purple or blue. You might also notice a few yellow pistils—or perhaps “sprinkles”—on top of well-cured Ice Cream Cake buds.

Ice Cream Cake’s Flavor

Creamy. Nutty. Sugary. Unsurprisingly, these are the most common words used to describe Ice Cream Cake’s flavor and aroma.

Smoking Ice Cream Cake is a surefire way to satisfy your sugar cravings. As incredible as it sounds, this strain tastes and smells remarkably similar to a rich vanilla cake. Other subtle flavors you might pick up when tasting Ice Cream Cake include citrus, spice, and a touch of diesel.

As you might’ve noticed in our description, there aren’t bold fruity notes in the Ice Cream Cake cultivar. Unlike most dessert strains, Ice Cream Cake has no significant traces of berries, cherries, or mangos. So, if you’re looking for a fruity fiesta at the end of your day, you might not jive with Ice Cream Cake’s saccharine-forward flavor.

By the way, many users say smoking Ice Cream Cake feels as smooth as downing a bowl of frozen dairy deliciousness. Even if you’re prone to coughing, there’s a good chance you won’t need too much water to settle your throat in-between hits.

Ice Cream Cake’s Effects

You know that “belly heavy” feel you get after eating too many treats. Well, Ice Cream Cake kind-of works the same way—minus the sugar rush.

Since this strain is an indica-dominant cultivar, you can expect predominately body heavy effects. There may be a slight sense of euphoria when you take your first toke, but as the session progresses, you will feel more sedated.

Unquestionably, Ice Cream Cake is a nighttime only strain. While the relaxing qualities could help anxiety patients, the sedative effects will make it nearly impossible to be productive. Only use Ice Cream Cake when you know there’s nothing on your schedule.

Also, please remember the THC content in Ice Cream Cake is usually between 20 – 25 percent. Anyone not used to hard-hitting cultivars should take it easy when smoking this sugary strain.

Is Ice Cream Cake Good For New Growers?

Because Ice Cream Cake is such a rare cultivar, it can be challenging to find accurate grow information. However, cultivators who’ve grown Ice Cream Cake seeds often report it grows similar to other indica-dominant strains. These plants typically reach a medium height and have the dense buds you’d expect from an indica.

According to some farmers, Ice Cream Cake enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate with plenty of sunshine. Growers also note Ice Cream Cake could have a moderate susceptibility to mold. As with any other strain, be sure to continually monitor your plants for this deadly disease.

Thankfully, Ice Cream Cake often rewards home-growers with higher-than-average yields of about 2 oz per ft2. However, cultivators need to practice a bit of patience when raising Ice Cream Cake seeds, as they tend to take ten weeks to mature.

Because there’s so little info on the Ice Cream Cake strain, it’s not recommended for beginner growers. For the best chance of success, try your hand at a few better-studied hybrids and refine your growing technique. Once you’ve reached an intermediate skill level, it’s a good idea to try your hand growing Ice Cream Cake at home.

What Strains Are Similar To Ice Cream Cake?

Ice Cream Cake may be tricky to find in today’s cannabis market, but many other dessert strains offer similar experiences. Indeed, it’s quite common for people interested in Ice Cream Cake to search for similar sweet-smelling strains.

First off, consider trying either of Ice Cream Cake’s parent strains on its own. Arguably, Wedding Cake provides a more “authentic” Ice Cream Cake experience with its pronounced pastry flavor and indica heavy effects.

By contrast, Gelato #33 has a more balanced indica-to-sativa ratio and could induce euphoric effects. When taken on its own, Gelato #33 has a citrusy and fruity flavor with strong notes of blueberry and orange.

Another interesting strain to try is the indica-dominant hybrid Mendo Breath. Made with OG Kush Breath and Mendo Montage, this 70/30 indica strain has similar relaxing effects to Ice Cream Cake. Like Ice Cream Cake, Mendo Breath has a sweet flavor with strong traces of sugar and vanilla. Interestingly, many people also report subtle notes of caramel and pine when smoking well-cured Mendo Breath buds.

If you’re looking for an Ice Cream Cake flavor with different effects, we suggest researching the hybrid Cake Mix. This unique hybrid shares the Wedding Cake lineage, but it also has traces of the sativa-rich London Pound Cake.

So, even though Cake Mix has a great sugary and nutty flavor profile, it has an energizing “wake & bake” effect on users. Indeed, this strain typically has an 85/15 sativa-to-indica ratio with THC levels between 19 – 24 percent. So, you’d better be careful with a batch of this batter, especially if you’ve never had a sativa before.

Every Toker “Screams” For Ice Cream Cake Seeds!

Ice Cream Cake seeds may be rare, but there’s hope they will become increasingly common in the modern MJ market. As more consumers demand a cut of this dank & delicious strain, hopefully everyone will get a chance to taste this cool indica hybrid. Anyone looking for an uber-sweet “nightcap” should seek out a scoop of this decadent (and dank) dessert.