Mimosa Strain Review

Have you noticed that cannabis is slowly creeping into contemporary cocktail recipes? For instance, now that hemp is federally legal, more bartenders are garnishing their drinks with a gorgeous splash of CBD oil.

But it’s not just “CBD cocktails” that have set the Internet a-buzz in recent years. Indeed, there are now many unique strains that people could sub for their favorite alcoholic beverages. One such hybrid is the aptly named Mimosa!

Although it may not tickle your tongue with effervescence, the Mimosa strain has all the orangey deliciousness you’d expect from its namesake cocktail. Plus, since Mimosa is sativa dominant, it’s a perfect non-alcoholic alternative for Sunday brunch. Just a few hits of this “sparkling” strain are sure to give you a boost before taking on your daily tasks.

So, if you’re looking to shake up your brunch routine without a cocktail shaker, why not swap the booze for some Mimosa buds? You’ll enjoy all of the uplifting effects of the original cocktail without worrying over the ABV!

Mimosa’s Genetics

Breeders at Symbiotic Genetics deserve all the credit for creating the delicious Mimosa hybrid. According to the company, Mimosa owes its existence to the strains Clementine and Purple Punch, both of which are famous in their own right.

Of these two parents, the sativa-leaning Clementine plays a more prominent role in Mimosa’s aroma and effects. However, the indica-dominant Purple Punch provides a mild body calm that tempers Mimosa’s sativa head-rush.

On its own, Clementine has an average THC of around 18 percent and a pungent flavor profile. The reason Clementine has such a pronounced citrus flavor has to do with its legendary lineage: Tangie and Lemon Skunk. In recent years, Clementine’s energizing high has garnered praise from none other than High Times magazine.

By contrast, Purple Punch is an 80/20 indica-heavy hybrid made with a blend of Larry OG and Grand Daddy Purple. The “Punch” in this strain’s name refers to its immediate effects and its fruity flavors. With average THC around 20 percent, Purple Punch hits users strong with a blast of euphoria that always leads to couchlock sedation. Add in a grape & berry flavor profile, and you can understand why Purple Punch is such a desirable dessert strain.

Mimosa Appearance

While Mimosa buds often have orange and red pistils, bright green is the predominant color in this “cannabis cocktail.” And when we say “bright green,” we really mean “neon bright green!” Mimosa likely gets this eye-catching green hue thanks to the influence of Clementine. Mimosa’s buds also tend to be densely packed, which is unique for a sativa-dominant strain.

In terms of trichomes, Mimosa buds have a reliably modest coating of white resin. While it might not be as loaded as other marijuana strains, Mimosa’s trichome layer is strong enough for anyone interested in pressing rosin. Indeed, thanks to Mimosa’s citrusy flavors and uplifting effects, it can make a fantastic early morning concentrate.

Mimosa Flavors

Forget triple sec; Mimosa has all the orange flavors you crave without the alcoholic side effects. Everyone who tries Mimosa is instantly impressed by the strain’s strong, but not harsh, citrus flavors. While there is a touch of diesel and skunk, Mimosa isn’t bitter. Instead, users typically report notes of sweet orange peel and a refreshing undercurrent of earthiness.

Unsurprisingly, the tart terpene limonene plays a prominent role in the Mimosa strain. If you’ve ever smelled a fresh lemon rind, then you have first-hand experience of what limonene is all about. Not only does limonene contribute to Mimosa’s citrusy flavors, it also accounts for the faint hints of sour gasoline.

The fruity terpene myrcene is another compound typically found in Mimosa phenotypes. Commonly associated with tropical fruit, myrcene has a mango-like flavor with hints of musk. Since myrcene is mostly found in indica strains, it’s likely Mimosa gets this terpene from Purple Punch.

Lastly, beta-caryophyllene also appears in many Mimosa phenotypes. This “hot” terpene is commonly found in spices like black pepper, cinnamon, and cardamom. So, if you catch a hint of pepper in your Mimosa hybrid, it probably has a higher-than-average percentage of this spicy terpene.

Mimosa’s Standard Effects

As a 70/30 sativa-heavy hybrid, Mimosa’s effects lean on the energizing side. No matter how down in the dumps you feel, a few hits of Mimosa are sure to perk you up. Most Mimosa users report a strong and steady energizing high with a refreshing head buzz sensation.

Although Mimosa is intended for daytime use, that doesn’t mean it’s a standard “wake & bake” strain. Unlike heavy-hitters like Green Crack, Mimosa’s effects are relatively mild with a lower risk of paranoia. Indeed, the strong presence of Purple Punch helps keep Mimosa’s sativa-charged high well under control.

That being said, there’s always a risk Mimosa could induce panic, especially when taken at high doses. Some Mimosa strains could have THC content well above 20 percent, so new users should proceed with caution.

Is Mimosa Easy To Grow?

Since Mimosa is a relatively new strain, cultivators are still trying to figure out its standard growth pattern. However, initial reports suggest Mimosa seeds enjoy a fair Mediterranean climate and could reach a height of between 4 – 5 feet.

Cultivators who have experience with Mimosa also report this strain has two distinct phenotypes. On one extreme, Mimosa strains with stronger traces of Clementine tend to be fast-flowering and perform best outdoors. If your Mimosa strain has a higher concentration of Purple Punch, then you’ll probably have to wait a few extra weeks before harvesting.

Cultivators should be familiar with standard training techniques like bending or ScrOG to bring out the highest yields from this strain. Speaking of yields, most cultivators report harvesting about 2 oz per ft2 of Mimosa. Many home-growers also say Mimosa takes between 8 – 9 weeks to reach maturity.

What Strains Are Similar To Mimosa?

Even though Mimosa is becoming popular in North America, it’s still relatively difficult to find at dispensaries. Thankfully, there are many readily available marijuana strains that mimic Mimosa’s effects and flavors.

In fact, Symbiotic Genetics has put out many citrus-forward strains that closely resemble its Mimosa cultivar. For instance, this company recently released a blend of Tangie and Purple Punch called Orangeade. Like Mimosa, Orangeade is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a sweet & tropical flavor profile.

If you can’t find either of these strains, then you may have more luck searching for the iconic hybrid Agent Orange. This blend of Jack’s Cleaner, Space Queen, and Orange Skunk has many of the citrusy flavors and cerebral effects you get from well-cured Mimosa buds. Just keep in mind that “Agent O” often has a higher THC percentage and a spicier aftertaste.

Celebrate A Sativa Sunday Brunch With Mimosa Nugs!

You don’t need a bottle of champagne to feel bubbly after brunch. Indeed, as long as you have a batch of high-quality Mimosa buds, you could enjoy a marvelous mid-morning MJ session. This strain’s sativa dominance gives it just enough “sizzle” to bump your energy levels without feeling stoned. Anyone who needs help getting rid of morning grogginess will love “sipping” on this “cannabis cocktail.”