Super Glue Strain Review

Anyone who loves “in-da-couch” indicas can’t pass on the couchlock-inducing Super Glue strain. Just like the more popular Gorilla Glue cultivars, Super Glue is one strain that’s guaranteed to get users “glued” to their couch. No doubt, Super Glue is one of the all-time best strains for late-night chill sessions with like-minded buddies.

If you’re looking for a little skunk & sour before sleep, why not give Super Glue a shot? See for yourself why this hybrid has become so widely hailed amongst indica fans.

Super Glue Genetics

When you begin to research SuperGlue’s genotype, it’s not difficult to see where this strain gets its relaxing qualities. Indeed, SuperGlue’s parents are some of the most iconic indicas known to man: Northern Lights and Afghani.

Even novice cannabis users should already be familiar with both of these high potency indicas. Not only are these indica strains famous on their own, they’ve also been used multiple times in miraculous marijuana hybrids.

In fact, Northern Lights partly owes its existence to the Afghani landrace strain. First bred in the Hindu Kush mountain range, Afghani is a pure indica strain with an earthy and hashy flavor. Even if you’ve never had Afghani in its raw state, you’ve probably had a Kush strain with plenty of this landrace.

Indeed, if you’ve ever had Northern Lights on its own, then you’ll have a good sense of Afghani’s earthy flavor and sedating effects. However, Northern Lights isn’t a carbon copy of pure Afghani. Indeed, many breeders believe this indica hybrid has mild traces of Thai sativa landraces. This may be responsible for Northern Lights’ “giggly” effects, as well as SuperGlue’s higher traces of sativa.

Lab tests now reveal most Super Glue cultivars have a 60/40 indica-to-sativa ratio. While the addition of these sativa genetics isn’t overpowering, it helps distinguish SuperGlue’s effects from its parents. However, please be sure never to take any of these strains early in the day…unless you have no intention of being productive.

Is Super Glue The Same As Gorilla Glue?

Before we explain Super Glue in greater detail, it’s important to point out this strain is not a member of the “Gorilla Glue gang.” As experienced tokers already know, “Gorilla Glue” refers to a family of award-winning hybrids from GG Strains. While most GG hybrids share similar effects to SuperGlue, please don’t confuse these two!

Today, there are many different Gorilla Glue strains on the market, but the one that started it all is called “Gorilla Glue #4.” Made with a mix of dank diesel strains, GG4 gained international acclaim in 2014. Critics love GG4’s wicked high THC levels (20 – 30 percent) as well as its intense “stoner” effects. Probably the most significant difference between Super Glue and GG4 is that only the latter has rich coffee and chocolate aromatics.

Although GG hybrids may not offer the same experience as SuperGlue, they are worth trying if you love body-heavy highs. Be sure to look through GG Strains’ catalog to learn the nuanced differences between their cultivars.

Super Glue’s Appearance

Super Glue has all of the typical physical traits of an indica-heavy strain. Most often, this hybrid only grows about five feet high and has densely packed buds. In each of these buds, you’ll notice a generous dusting of trichomes and a smattering of orange or gold pistils. Although this isn’t the stickiest strain in the world, you will need to use a high-grade grinder when preparing these buds for your bong.

As for colors, Super Glue tends to have mostly olive or dark green leaves. It’s almost unheard of for Super Glue cultivars to have purple, neon green, or blue colorations.

Super Glue Flavors

If you’re a fan of industrial strains like Sour Diesel or Chemdawg, then you’ll feel right at home smoking SuperGlue. It’s common for people who smoke Super Glue to pick up pungent aromatics like gasoline. You might also detect tart lemon or lime as you smoke this sedating strain.

But Super Glue isn’t all about sour flavors. Indeed, most people who enjoy Super Glue also say it has a robust earthy undercurrent. Tokers might also experience musky and spicy notes typical of Kush cultivars. Pay careful attention as you exhale for hints of black pepper or sandalwood.

SuperGlue’s Effects

When people take their first hit of Super Glue, it’s common for them to question whether they ground the right buds. Even though Super Glue has a reputation for relaxation, it won’t feel that way right off the bat. Interestingly, Super Glue initially has all the trademarks of a sativa hybrid, including a head-rush high, tingling, and euphoria.

However, this “sativa lite” experience will steadily morph into a massive body high. The more Super Glue you toke, the more likely you’ll want to curl up in your bed and drift off to dreamland. Alternatively, those who microdose Super Glue could remain relaxed with friends for a few hours.

Like many other indicas, Super Glue is quite popular in the chronic pain community. This strain’s deeply relaxing effects can help calm stubborn muscle spasms or general aches & pains. People with mental issues like anxiety or PTSD also enjoy SuperGlue’s calming effects.

Even though Super Glue rarely induces paranoia, it is a heavy-hitting strain with between 18 – 28 percent THC. Inexperienced tokers should approach this strain with an abundance of caution. Oh yeah, and please never use Super Glue early in the day!

Are Super Glue Seeds Available Online?

Unfortunately, there are still no Super Glue seeds available for at-home cultivation. If you’re interested in growing SuperGlue, you must connect with your local cannabis community and find a reliable clone.

Thankfully, once you manage to get a Super Glue clone, it’s relatively easy to grow this strain indoors. According to cultivators, Super Glue performs best in semi-humid environments with a warm temperature. As a bonus, since this strain has indica genetics, you don’t have to worry about it growing too tall.

On average, it only takes about 8 – 9 weeks for Super Glue to reach the harvesting stage. Although yields are moderate at about 1.5 oz per ft2, please remember this strain grows at a rapid pace. It’s quite easy to grow this strain multiple times for an abundant harvest.

What Strains Are Similar To SuperGlue?

As already mentioned, Gorilla Glue strains share many features with SuperGlue. So, if you can’t find Super Glue in your local dispensary, it’s highly advised you research a few of the offerings in GG Strains’ portfolio.

While GG4 is the “original” choice, most cultivators say Gorilla Glue #5 has a more intense “couchlock” sensation. On the flipside, you could research Gorilla Glue #1 if you’re more interested in slightly sativa-forward effects.

In terms of flavor, Chemdawg #4 is also similar to SuperGlue. Made with a mix of Sour Diesel, Stardawg, Auto Oil, and OG Kush, Chemdawg #4 has many of the industrial and sour flavors you’d expect in SuperGlue. Also, since Chemdawg #4 is slightly indica dominant, it’s a fantastic strain for a late-night toke.

Get Ready For Bed With Super Glue Buds

If you’re looking for a lazy, hazy smoke session, Super Glue is for you! While Super Glue isn’t a purebred indica, it’ll still give you the dazed effects you’d expect from its potent parent strains. Hopefully, as more people experience all this indica has to offer, it will be easier to find high-quality seeds in the future.