Unclog Your Delta 8 Cart: Simple Tricks to Try Right Now

Vaping high-quality delta-8 carts is a clean, flavorful, and refreshing experience for many customers. However, delta-8 vape carts have one significant drawback: They can get clogged. 

Even if you’re a conscientious vaper, it’s difficult to avoid at least one “clogging conundrum” while using delta-8 carts. Thankfully, since this issue is so common, there are many strategies people could use to both prevent and polish clogged delta-8 vape devices. 

Destroy Delta-8 Debris — The Top Three Ways To Unclog Delta-8 Disposable Vape Carts 

If you’re dealing with a clogged delta-8 vape cart, please don’t panic! There are a few ways you can safely get the gunk out and restore proper airflow. 

Get The E-Juice Flowing With Your Preheat Setting 

The most effective way to unclog a delta-8 disposable vape cart is to use a little bit of heat. The three keywords here are “a little bit.” Instead of blasting your unit on an ultra-high setting, you should only use the gentle “preheat” option. This low heat setting is usually enough to get the obstruction out without disrupting your entire unit.

But don’t worry if your vaporizer doesn’t have a “preheat” button. You can always use a handy hairdryer to give this method a try. 

For the best results, vapers recommend placing your unit upside down and blasting it with your hairdryer for about 15 – 20 seconds. Hopefully, this heat will be enough to dislodge the offending delta-8 debris without too much of a fuss. 

Some people even report great success putting their vape cart on a warm appliance like the radiator. You could even go “low-tech” by rolling your unit between your hands for a little “finger friction!”

However, please never heat a delta-8 vape cart inside an oven, toaster, or microwave. You should also avoid putting delta-8 vape carts in warm or boiling water. These methods will destroy your unit, and they will put you at a significant safety risk

Draw Delta-8 With The Power Off

Another way many people unclog delta-8 e-juice is to draw on their mouthpiece without turning the device on. Yes, this method is as simple as it sounds, and it can be surprisingly effective at removing trapped debris. Indeed, vapers who use this technique often claim you can hear the obstructing bit of delta-8 “dislodge” as you take a “cold hit.” 

While drawing from a turned-off unit may work in many instances, it’s usually most effective for minor clogs. So, you could consider incorporating this strategy into regular maintenance after your vaporizer has cooled from a session. If you constantly use this strategy, you may not have to deal with as many significant issues down the line.

Try Poking A Toothpick Through The Mouthpiece

For extremely stubborn clogs, you may have to perform a bit of “vaporizer surgery” with either a toothpick or a safety pin. Carefully poke one of these items through your vaporizer’s mouthpiece to break up the delta-8 bits jamming your unit. 

Notice that we didn’t say to “force” your toothpick through the mouthpiece! Please be careful if you use this strategy as it can cause damage to your vaporizer. 

Is There A Way To Prevent Delta-8 Carts From Getting Clogged? 

While the three techniques listed above help clean out clogged delta-8 carts, there are proactive steps you can take to reduce the odds of having to use them. The more careful you are about using and storing your delta-8 vape devices, the better chance they won’t clog up. 

Avoid Extreme Storage Room Temps 

Temperature fluctuations are the key reason delta-8 e-juice forms clumps in vaporizers. Since vape units reach incredibly high temperatures, they dramatically thin out delta-8’s naturally thick consistency. However, when your vaporizer gets turned off, delta-8 molecules constrict and thicken. 

Of course, the only thing you could do to avoid these internal temperature fluctuations is to stop using your vaporizer…but what’s the point of that? Thankfully, you have more control over the temperature in the room where you choose to store your delta-8 vape carts. 

Find a reliably mild, dark, and dry place to prevent your delta-8 e-juice from clogging. If you live in a hot & sunny area like Florida, please be extra careful if you take your delta-8 on road trips. It’s common for people to accidentally leave their delta-8 vaporizers on a car seat, which will almost definitely mess up your unit. 

Make Your Delta-8 Carts Stand Up Tall 

Whether we’re talking about humans or delta-8 vaporizers, it’s way easier to lay down than to stand “at attention.” However, it’s better for the health of our bodies and our delta-8 vape carts if we stand more than we lay around.

Of course, we can’t stay up all day long, but you could place your vaporizers upright after each session. Even if you have a device that’s a bit more challenging to balance, there are stands that could help keep these units in place. 

Keeping your delta-8 vape carts upright will prevent a puddle of e-juice from forming clumps that later clog your unit. Be sure to let gravity work on your side by storing your units upright to prevent you from having to unclog delta-8 disposable vape carts later on. 

Consider Taking Lighter Draws 

There’s no scientific evidence that a person’s “draw intensity” affects the risk of a clogged device. However, most anecdotal testimonies suggest lighter draws “lighten the load” on your vaporizer. 

If you tend to take harsh hits and your unit frequently clogs up, you may want to change your vaping technique. See how lighter draws affect your vape session and how often you deal with clogs. You could also record your average vaping temperature and time in a journal to see if specific strategies have a better success rate. 

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Remember: Low-Quality Delta-8 Vapes Always Frustrate! 

Although delta-8 clogs are relatively common, some factors can increase and decrease their frequency. As mentioned above, how you use and store your vaporizer can significantly impact how often it gunks up. Also, please don’t forget that the quality of your products has a massive impact on their performance.

It’s far more likely that poor-quality vape juices and vaporizers will produce more issues than well-rated brands. If customers want the best vaping experience, they have to go with delta-8 vape carts from lab-verified companies like Organic CBD Nugs. As hemp enthusiasts ourselves, we promise only to release delta-8 products that meet our high standards for convenience, purity, and potency. 

Check out this page where you can find more information on where you can find high quality delta-8 carts near you.