Birthday Cake Strain Review

Instead of blowing out candles on your special day, why not light a few Birthday Cake nugs? Yes, there is such a strain as “Birthday Cake,” and it’s just as delicious as the real deal. Reeking with festive flavors like vanilla and sugar, this resin-coated wonder is worthy of a special celebration. It doesn’t matter if it’s not your real b-day; Birthday Cake buds transform even the rainiest of days into a festive occasion.

Tokers who are looking for a new afternoon treat can’t go wrong with Birthday Cake. No matter your age, you’re bound to feel giggly after a few puffs of this 50/50 hybrid.

Pie + Cookie = Cake – What “Ingredients” Are In Birthday Cake?

Interestingly, Birthday Cake is officially one of the many “Cookie Strains,” all of which have traces of the legendary hybrid Girl Scout Cookies. In fact, you might see Birthday Cake listed as “Birthday Cake Kush” in honor of GSC’s Kush heritage.

Funnily enough, the second “ingredient” in Birthday Cake’s recipe is pie—Cherry Pie, to be precise. So, you could say cannabis cultivators “baked” Birthday Cake with a batch of cookies and a fruity pie!

Both Cherry Pie and GSC are well-balanced, high-THC hybrids with predominately sweet flavor profiles. In the case of Cherry Pie, the terpenes lean on the fruity side, while GSC has a fantastic mix of earthiness and sweet cookie dough. All of these effects and flavors are easily detectable in well-cured Birthday Cake buds.

Warning: There’s Poison In This Cake—Durban Poison

Before we get off the subject of genetics, it’s worth mentioning both of Birthday Cake’s parents have traces of the legendary Durban Poison. First bred in the 1970s, Durban Poison is a purebred sativa that often has THC percentages in the mid-20s. As you’d expect from a 100 percent sativa, Durban Poison has intense head-rush effects that are ideal for daytime use.

If you’ve ever tried Durban Poison before, you might recognize similar energizing qualities when you start smoking Wedding Cake. Some experienced smokers also recognize Durban Poison’s distinctive earthy and licorice flavors as they smoke their Wedding Cake nugs.

Of course, these sativa qualities are dampened by the strong indica genes in Birthday Cake, but it could account for this hybrid’s slightly psychedelic qualities.

“Eye Candy” – What Does Birthday Cake Look Like?

Birthday Cake looks as sweet as it smells. Indeed, with its thick layer of sticky white trichomes, you could say Birthday Cake buds have a layer of “icing” over their light green leaves. For an added touch, many Birthday Cake phenotypes have curly orange pistils that stand-in for blazing candles.

Of course, the best thing about Birthday Cake’s frosting is there’s no sugar. Please don’t worry about counting calories as you pop these sticky nugs in your weed grinder.

“Sugar High” – What Are Birthday Cake’s Effects?

Despite Birthday Cake’s 50/50 indica-to-sativa ratio, it doesn’t have the most balanced of effects. In fact, most cannabis experts recommend treating Birthday Cake as indica-dominant due to its ability to induce heavy relaxation. Trust us, you should have all your chores completed before puffing on this b-day present.

After the first couple of hits, smokers usually report a mix of head-rush euphoria and relaxation. Indeed, Birthday Cake offers one of the most reliable “giggly highs,” which makes it perfect for party settings. Some people also say Birthday Cake helps them feel more at ease in social settings, which is excellent news for those struggling with social anxiety.

However, Birthday Cake’s sociable high slowly morphs into a heavy body sensation. As the night wears on, you’ll probably feel a sense of sedation that will send you to bed. For this reason, we only recommend indulging in a slice of this cake late in the day.

Because Birthday Cake is slightly sedating, it has become increasingly popular with insomnia patients. It’s also common for medical marijuana patients to use Birthday Cake to help with depression and anxiety.

Please remember that Birthday Cake could have a THC percentage in the 20 – 25 range. If you have no experience smoking strains with these THC levels, it’s best to start with a milder cultivar and gradually work your way up to Birthday Cake. Anyone prone to panic attacks or paranoia should approach Birthday Cake with caution.

Delightful, Decadent, And Dank! – Birthday Cake’s Flavors & Aroma

Unsurprisingly, Birthday Cake is a brilliant strain for tokers who’ve got a sweet tooth. As you break one of these buds, you’ll probably pick up a mix of fruity and creamy flavors.

Common words people use to describe this strain include “sugary,” “vanilla,” and “berry.” Beneath these predominately sweet notes, you might smell subtle spice or floral flavors. For instance, many people report flavors such as licorice, mint, and nut.

But it’s not all about sweetness in this Birthday Cake. Indeed, due to the inclusion of GSC, you might detect earthy undertones like pine or woods. If you’ve got a keen nose for cannabis, you might also smell traces of gasoline or skunk while smoking Birthday Cake.

Is Growing Birthday Cake As Easy As…Cake?

OK, growing Birthday Cake isn’t as easy as eating cake—but then again, what is? As long as you’ve successfully cultivated a few purebred indicas in the past, you shouldn’t have great difficulties growing Birthday Cake.

According to expert cultivators, Birthday Cake seeds perform best in temperate climates with moderate humidity. For the best possible yields, please grow this strain indoors at a constant temp of 70° F.

Despite Birthday Cake’s well-balanced genetics, it seems to take after its indica side in terms of appearance. This shrub-like strain has dense indica nugs and usually doesn’t reach above five feet tall.

On average, it takes 8 – 10 weeks for Birthday Cake to reach full flowering. You should expect to harvest anywhere between 1.2 – 1.6 oz per ft2.

Will There Be Any CBD At This B-Day Party?

When it comes to cannabinoids, nobody’s cooler than cannabidiol (CBD). Now that hemp is federally legal in the USA, global sales for CBD oils and edibles have gone through the roof. Heck, people are so in love with this non-psychoactive cannabinoid that they’ve begun feeding it to their pets.

If you’re already a CBD fan, you’re probably wondering how much CBD you’ll find in Birthday Cake buds. Sorry to be a “party pooper,” but there’s not much CBD in this strain. In fact, most Birthday Cake phenotypes have less than 1 percent CBD.

However, a few high-CBD Birthday Cake cultivars are making their way into the hemp industry. Indeed, it’s possible nowadays to find hemp Birthday Cake strains with CBD content near 20 percent. Be sure to research CBD-heavy Birthday Cake strains if you want to experience this hybrid’s flavors without worrying about THC content.

Buy Birthday Cake Buds Before Your Next Big Day

Frosted cake is fine, but a Birthday Cake bong is better. If you’re a weed lover, you have to add this sociable strain to your gift list. With its sugar-sweet flavor, high THC count, and giggly high, Birthday Cake is a premier dessert strain perfect for any occasion. You could even bake a batch of Birthday Cake in your favorite edibles for an extra sweet (and extra stoned) b-day bash!

While Birthday Cake might be a bit much for newbies, experienced tokers will dig this strain’s delectable terpene profile. Just be extra careful with this strain if you’re not used to high-THC cultivars.